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wxGlade 0.6.6 released

Johan Vromans
March 29, 2013 19:55
wxGlade 0.6.6 released
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From: Carsten Grohmann <>


The new wxGlade release is published now. The release is a mix of bug fixes 
and enhancements. 

The release won't work with wxWidgets 2.9. Supporting the upcoming release of 
wxWidgets 3.0 is the primary goal for the next release.

  - Add i18n support to C++ code generator
  - Add more test cases
  - Add more tooltips to gui
  - Add new widget HyperlinkCtrl
  - Add Perl support to CalendarCtrl 
  - Add simple application start code to C++ code generator
  - Add "Store as attribute" for sizers
  - Change default widget ID from -1 to wxID_ANY and adapt codegen
  - Change some default settings and reorg internal handling
  - Fix exceptions during widget preview triggered by keyboard shortcut
  - Improve error handling
  - Improve message logging
  - Internal rework of code generator parts, this causes minor changes
    in the generated code 
  - Join code templates for application startup code in class variables
    and unify the code generation of this piece
  - Minor GUI improvements
  - Rework and unify code generators, all code generators support
    extracode and extraproperties now
  - Set "Overwrite existing sources" for new projects
  - Show existing tooltips at all elements of a property
  - When pasting: only search current top-level window for duplicate names
  - Write isolation directives at beginning in C++ header files

  - Don't add unsupported widgets to a sizer
  - Encoding detection for Mac OS X
  - Prevent caching effects in Lisp code generator
  - Prevent deleting last notebook tab (sf bug #3126974)
  - Same default names for multiple notebooks (sf bug #2000566)
  - Setting invalid windows names hasn't blocked fully (sf bug #154)
  - String formatting issue for event handlers in Lisp code generator
  - UnicodeEncodeError in xml.sax.expatreader (sf bug #149)

  - Update wxGlade user manual

API (for custom widgets):
  - Add support for widget builder that don't support all wx versions
    supported by wxGlade

  - See CHANGES.txt for a full list of changes

The release contains 4 files:
wxglade-0.6.6.tar.gz        source code tarred and gzipped           source code zipped
wxGlade-0.6.6-setup.exe     Installer (Full Edition) requieres Python and
                            wxPython locally installed
wxGlade-SAE-0.6.6ark-setup.exe Installer Standalone Edition Python and 
                            wxPython are bundled using PyInstaller

MD5 checksums are:
1117c0c8875c6312b506df5642720111  wxGlade-0.6.6.tar.gz
af368a517278a2c5738a678c4a03a09d  wxGlade-SAE-0.6.6-setup.exe
4f43bebec0d78270a1f147e892073d24  wxGlade-0.6.6-setup.exe

Thank you to all contributing people.

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