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September 26, 2002 11:46
Subject: file::spec
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I'm trying to get a simple log monitor to work on Perl 5.8.0 with the
latest POE. The code was based off the
sample log watcher written for FreeBSD.

/* Code Start
# $Id$

use warnings;
use strict;
use POE;
use POE::Wheel::FollowTail;

my $device = "dka100";
my $dir = "[rsa.agent.bin]";
my $file = "check-logs.txt";
my $msg_file = File::Spec::VMS->catpath( $device, $dir, $file );

my %logs_to_watch =
  ( msg => $msg_file );
print %logs_to_watch;
print %logs_to_watch;
  ( inline_states =>
      { _start => \&begin_watchers,

        msg_record => \&msg_got_record,

        # Handle log resets and errors the same way for each file.
        log_reset => \&generic_log_reset,
        log_error => \&generic_log_error,

sub begin_watchers {
    my $heap = $_[HEAP];

    while ( my ( $service, $log_file ) = each %logs_to_watch ) {
        my $log_watcher = POE::Wheel::FollowTail->new
          ( Filename => $log_file,
            InputEvent => $service . "_record",
            ResetEvent => "log_reset",
            ErrorEvent => "log_error",

        $heap->{services}->{ $log_watcher->ID } = $service;
        $heap->{watchers}->{ $log_watcher->ID } = $log_watcher;

sub msg_got_record {
  my $log_record = $_[ARG0];
  print $log_record, "\n";

# Handle log resets the same way for each file.  Simply recognize that
# the log file was reset.

sub generic_log_reset {
    my ( $heap, $wheel_id ) = @_[ HEAP, ARG0 ];

    my $service = $heap->{services}->{$wheel_id};
    print "--- $service log reset at ", scalar(gmtime), " GMT\n";

# Handle log errors the same way for each file.  Recognize that an
# error occurred while watching the file, and shut the watcher down.
# If this were a real log watcher, it would periodically try to resume
# watching the log file.

sub generic_log_error {
    my ( $heap, $operation, $errno, $error_string, $wheel_id ) =
      @_[ HEAP, ARG0, ARG1, ARG2, ARG3 ];

    my $service = $heap->{services}->{$wheel_id};
    print "--- $service log $operation error $errno: $error_string\n";
    print "--- Shutting down $service log watcher.\n";

    delete $heap->{services}->{$wheel_id};
    delete $heap->{watchers}->{$wheel_id};
*/ Code End

Error message is:

kite_hab15$ perl
msgdka100:[rsa.agent.bin]check-logs.txthandle= GLOB(0x814c2c)
filename= dka100:[rsa.agent.bin]check-logs.txt
fcntl(GLOB(0x814c2c), F_GETFL, etc.) fails: invalid argument
 at /perl_root/lib/site_perl/POE/Wheel/ line 136
POE::Kernel's run() method was never called.

Bob Safran
ALSTOM's T&D Energy Automation & Information Business

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