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RE: [PATCH: RC2] add getppid() to vmsperl

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Martin Vorlaender
June 26, 2002 02:27
RE: [PATCH: RC2] add getppid() to vmsperl
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Craig A. Berry <> wrote:
> Martin Vorlaender wrote:
> >The builds failed at the exact same positions as they had before.
> I wonder if your Alpha build would go better with -"Uuseieee"
> passed to on the command line or answering no to the
> configuration question that asks if you want to use IEEE math.


$ mms realclean
$ @configure "-des" "-Uuseieee"
$ mms
        Making POSIX (dynamic)
Note (probably harmless): No library found for posix
Note (probably harmless): No library found for cposix

Writing Descrip.MMS for POSIX
%CREATE-I-EXISTS, [--.LIB.AUTO.POSIX] already exists
MCR [--]miniperl.exe "-I[--.lib]" "-I[--.lib]" "-MExtUtils::Install" -e
lib({split(' ',<STDIN>)},'[]','')" <.MM_tmp
cp [--.lib]
AutoSplitting ../../lib/ ([])
cp posix.pod [--.lib]posix.pod
MCR [--]miniperl.exe "-I[--.lib]" "-I[--.lib]" -e "use
-e "Mksymlists('NAME' => 'POSIX', 'DL_FUNCS' => {  }, 'DL_VARS' => [],
' => [])"
MCR [--]miniperl.exe -e "print
""[]POSIX.olb/Include=POSIX\n[--]POSIX.olb/Library\n"";" >>POSIX.OPT
MCR [--]miniperl.exe -e "print qq{[--]PerlShr.exe/Share\n}" >>POSIX.OPT
MCR [--]miniperl.exe "-I[--.lib]" "-I[--.lib]"
[--.lib.ExtUtils]xsubpp -noprotot
ypes -typemap [--.lib.ExtUtils]typemap -typemap typemap POSIX.xs
CC/DECC /Include=[]/Standard=Relaxed_ANSI/Prefix=All/Obj=.obj
""1.05""","XS_VERSION=""1.05""")/Include=([--])/NoList  POSIX.c

      *nv_return = LDBL_MAX;
%CC-W-FLOATOVERFL, In this statement, floating-point overflow occurs in
ng the expression "1.189731495357231765085759326628007016196477e4932l".
at line number 1925 in file
%MMS-F-ABORT, For target POSIX.OBJ, CLI returned abort status:
%MMS-F-ABORT, For target DYNEXT, CLI returned abort status: %X10EE8034.

Seems like LDBL_MAX gets defined despite undefining "useieee", although
comparing this to the previous one it seems that LDBL_MIN is not defined

> Your VAX compile failure is in some ways more alarming.  This
> comment from
> stat.h on a syatem with OpenVMS Alpha 7.1, DEC C 5.2, may
> shed some light on
> the issue:
> **  ISO POSIX-1 defines off_t to be a signed arithmetic type, and
> **  requires the st_size field to be of type off_t.  DEC C V5.0
> **  and prior declared the field as unsigned.
> The compiler error you quoted did appear to have off_t declared as
> which would suggest your headers are out-of-date with respect to your
> compiler.  This would really surprise me since I think you work your C
> compiler harder than most of us :-).  Do you by any chance have VAX C
> DEC C both on the same system, or could there be some other problem
> your header text libraries?

We do in fact have VAX C and DEC C on that VAX, so there are header
in SYS$LIBRARY: - but doesn't DEC C take its headers from the .TLBs?

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