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RE: 5.8.0 release candidate status

Craig A. Berry
June 12, 2002 10:39
RE: 5.8.0 release candidate status
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At 12:25 PM 6/12/2002 -0400, Henry A. Frystak - System Manager wrote:


> Downloaded the above snapshot and 
>compiled it on my aging Vax system. Details are: VAX/VMS V5.5-2 on a VAXstation 
>4000-90a, Multinet V4.2 Rev A-X, DEC C V5.5-002 (yes, I know its old, but there 
>are reasons for not upgrading right now) and MMS V3.1-03. The @Configure went 
>O.K., but the following came up during the MMS : 
>          STRLEN trnlen = strlen(trndir);
>    .............^
>%CC-E-NOSEMI, Missing ";".
>            At line number 3357 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

Hmm.  It looks like it doesn't want to create an automatic variable on the 
fly.  It shouldn't hurt anything to move the declaration to the beginning of 
the function.  Odd, since I've had no problem with DEC C 5.2 on Alpha.

>     _ckvmssts(sys$create_user_profile(&usrdsc,&usrprolst,0,0,
>    ..^
>%CC-I-IMPLICITFUNC, In this statement, the identifier 
>"sys$create_user_profile" is implicitly declared as a function.
>            At line number 6647 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

Urk.  I'm afraid this may be harder to fix.  I found a VMS v5.0-era system 
services manual that does not include this function, nor does the 
description of sys$check_access have the user profile argument.  Does anyone 
know when this support became available?  The following command might tell 
us something, though I don't know if the image would be named the same on 
VAX or older VMS versions:

$ search sys$library:secureshrp.exe sys$create_user_profile

If the support is latent but undocumented in VMS v5.x, then we might be able 
to just supply a prototype, but if the support isn't there we'll either have 
to conditionally work around it or give up on supporting VMS versions that 
are 10 years old :-(.

Oops, wait.  The document here says it came along in v6.0:


So we'll need to go back to the simpler form of sys$check_access for older systems.

>I will leave it up to the Perl and C experts to figure out what's wrong. With 
>the remaining fractions of a tuit left, I will try the snapshot on 2 other systems I 
>have access to, both Alphas of different types and flavors of o/s and software. 

Thanks, and thanks for the report.  I'll try to work up a patch for the 
problems you've found but it's a little difficult making changes for systems 
I can't test. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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