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RE: 5.8.0 release candidate status

Henry A. Frystak - System Manager
June 12, 2002 09:26
RE: 5.8.0 release candidate status
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>From:	MX%""  "Craig A. Berry" 10-JUN-2002 17:13:18.45
>To:	MX%""
>Subj:	5.8.0 release candidate status
>Thanks to those who have been testing RC1.  Some problems that have come up 
>have been resolved but there is room for a lot more testing.  Release 
>candidate 2 should be out in a couple more days, but if anyone can fit in a 
>test build (please do), there is a snapshot available today from any of the 
>following URLs:

Having been a lurker on this list for many a year, maybe it's now time that I 
contribute what little I can to the effort (actually I just found ONE extra 
tuit and decided to spend it on Perl). Downloaded the above snapshot and 
compiled it on my aging Vax system. Details are: VAX/VMS V5.5-2 on a VAXstation 
4000-90a, Multinet V4.2 Rev A-X, DEC C V5.5-002 (yes, I know its old, but there 
are reasons for not upgrading right now) and MMS V3.1-03. The @Configure went 
O.K., but the following came up during the MMS : 

          STRLEN trnlen = strlen(trndir);
%CC-E-NOSEMI, Missing ";".
            At line number 3357 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

          if (!strcmp(trndir+trnlen-2,".]")) {
%CC-E-UNDECLARED, In this statement, "trnlen" is not declared.
            At line number 3360 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

%CC-I-IMPLICITFUNC, In this statement, the identifier 
"sys$create_user_profile" is implicitly declared as a function.
            At line number 6647 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

%CC-I-IMPLICITFUNC, In this statement, the identifier "sys$create_user_profile"
 is implicitly declared as a function.
            At line number 6652 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

    /*  End of vms.c */
%VCG-I-NOBJECT, No object file produced.
            At line number 7321 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

%VCG-I-SUMMARY, Completed with 2 error(s), 0 warning(s), and
            3 informational messages.
            At line number 7321 in $41$DKA400:[SYSSOFT.PERL.PERL5_8_0_RC1]VMS.C;1.

%MMS-F-ABORT, For target VMS.OBJ, CLI returned abort status: %X1000002A.

I will leave it up to the Perl and C experts to figure out what's wrong. With 
the remaining fractions of a tuit left, I will try the snapshot on 2 other systems I 
have access to, both Alphas of different types and flavors of o/s and software. 

P.S.  If you come up with patches or mods, please make them simple, as I don't 
have GNU patch of diff compiled for my systems. 
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