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RE: Privileges won't let me "opendir"?

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BAZLEY, Sebastian
January 30, 2002 06:06
RE: Privileges won't let me "opendir"?
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I've never understood why the vms.c routines bother checking access rights -
why not try the command, and let the standard system checks throw out any
invalid accesses?

There was another problem with DECNET logicals; the access checks did not
properly allow for the such devices. And I think NFS mounts may also have
problems, but I've not checked recently.

Sebastian Bazley <>
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Subject: Re: Privileges won't let me "opendir"?

Yes there seems may be a bug in interpreting non SS$_NORMAL returns
from vms.c:cando_by_name() that I have seen in perl 5.005_02 as well
(my test case was not a PRIV problem though).

It might be worthwhile considering some ACL tests in (or were we
supposed to get rid of that procedure?).

Peter Prymmer


                      Tom Edelson

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                      01/29/2002 04:05         Subject: Privileges won't let
me "opendir"?                               



The following seems like a bug to me, but maybe I'm missing something ...

The built-in "opendir" function doesn't seem to follow normal VMS security
rules.  In particular, if I have access to a directory, but only because I
have privileges turned on, I think opendir should succeed, but it doesn't.

  $ perl -v

  This is perl, v5.6.1 built for VMS_AXP

With no access in the directory's security profile, and no privileges,
naturally I can't read the directory through DCL and opendir doesn't work



  TEMP.DIR;1           [SYSTEM]                         (RWE,RWE,RE,)
  Total of 1 file.


  $ DIR [.TEMP]
*;* as input
  -RMS-E-PRV, insufficient privilege or file protection violation

  $ perl -e "print ""<"", opendir ($dh, ""[.temp]""), "">"" "

If I give myself BYPASS privilege, now I can read the directory through
DCL, but opendir still doesn't work:


  $ DIR [.TEMP]



  Total of 1 file.

  $ perl -e "print ""<"", opendir ($dh, ""[.temp]""), "">"" "

Now if I change the protection on the directory so that the world can read
it, then opendir does work:


  $ perl -e "print ""<"", opendir ($dh, ""[.temp]""), "">"" "

This is not good news when you're writing an installation program, whose
users generally have privileges, and may have some of the accesses that
they need only through privileges.

I suppose I could work around it by explicitly [and temporarily] giving
myself access to the directory from within the program.  Anybody happen to
know if there's a way to do this other than invoking DCL from Perl, e.g.
with "system()"?


/            Tom Edelson
             VMS Release Engineering
             SAS Institute, Inc.

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