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Multinet has Echo service on by default (was RE: Net::Ping tests -- who should run them?)

Carl Friedberg
January 6, 2002 22:01
Multinet has Echo service on by default (was RE: Net::Ping tests -- who should run them?)
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FWIW (probably not much), I checked our VMS servers (VMS 7.2-1 Alpha;
Multinet 4.3a) and found the following configuration, which must be the
default, as I am certain I did not configure it:

SERVER-CONFIG>show /full
Service "ECHO":
        TCP socket (AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM), Port 7
        Socket Options = SO_KEEPALIVE
        INIT() = TCP_Init
        LISTEN() = TCP_Listen
        CONNECTED() = TCP_Connected
        SERVICE() = Run_Program
        Program = "MULTINET:SERVER_ECHO.EXE"
        Working Set Quota = 100

My client spends money for the Process/Multinet TCPIP stack because it
still has fuller support of their Internet/TCPIP needs than the Compaq
flavor. For instance, Compaq TCPIP (at least with 7.2-1), out of the box
was full of memory leaks; after applying a bunch of private fixes from
Compaq, the leaks stopped, but they gave up with it when they found they
could not create session logs from the ftp server (which is a basic
need, IMHO). Just my 2 cents.

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At 5:17 PM -0700 1/5/02, Rob Brown wrote:

> I was not aware there were
>such systems that getservbyname acted differently or
>were unable to resolve 'echo' to a port correctly.
>:        $self->{"port_num"} = (getservbyname('echo', 'tcp'))[2] ||
>:            croak("Can't get tcp echo port by name");
>Wouldn't that be a problem with perl itself?  Or do
>some systems just not have an updated "services" file?
>Or what do you think is best?

Thanks for the reply, Rob.  The beast in question appears not to have a
named service called "echo" though it responds just fine to ping
requests from other systems.  Some other info that may be relevant:

$ perl -e "print join(qq/\t/,getservbyname('echo','udp'));"
$ perl -e "print join(qq/\t/,getservbyname('telnet','tcp'));"
TELNET                          23      TCP

[so the getservbyname function does work if there is a service]

$ tcpip show version

  Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.1 - ECO 3
  on a AlphaStation 200 4/233 running OpenVMS V7.3

This is the latest greatest vendor-supplied IP stack (and one that was
ported from Tru64 UNIX).  That doesn't of course guarantee that it isn't
broken.  On another VMS system with a third party IP stack (Multinet),
echo *does* show up as a named service.  I'm afraid I'm too ignorant of
networking to know whether the echo service is required by some standard
or is just conventional.  My guess would be that with Compaq TCP/IP
Services the master server handles the echo requests itself without
needing a separate service.  HTH.

Craig A. Berry

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