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[PATCH t/base/lex.t, term.t] Purging echo from base tests

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Michael G Schwern
December 6, 2001 12:15
[PATCH t/base/lex.t, term.t] Purging echo from base tests
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This purges two unportable uses of `echo` from the base tests.

The one in lex I think is really a test to make sure that multiple
here-docs honor their quoting.  `EOS` just happened to be the easiest
way to do it.

If you ever wondered why vms/ builds an echo.exe from DCL
commands, assembly code and chewing gum, this is why.

--- t/base/lex.t	2001/12/06 19:44:57	1.1
+++ t/base/lex.t	2001/12/06 19:46:56
@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@
-print <<`EOS` . <<\EOF;
-echo ok 12
+print <<'EOS' . <<\EOF;
+ok 12 - make sure single quotes are honored \nnot ok
 ok 13
--- t/base/term.t	2001/12/06 19:47:41	1.1
+++ t/base/term.t	2001/12/06 19:48:24
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 # check `` processing
-$x = `echo hi there`;
+$x = `$^X -le "print 'hi there'"`;
 if ($x eq "hi there\n") {print "ok 2\n";} else {print "not ok 2\n";}
 # check $#array


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