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Error running Makefile.PL on Windows

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Christopher Chavez
August 20, 2018 16:06
Error running Makefile.PL on Windows
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I have a machine with Windows 10 64-bit 1803, ActivePerl* 5.24.3, and 
ActiveTcl 8.6.7.

*(Uses dmake and doesn't have gnu make. I'm not constrained to 
ActivePerl; I just didn't know about Strawberry until recently.)

I tried installing 1.25 from cpanm as well as running the latest on git, but get errors:

 > error starting tclsh: $?=-1; $!=Inappropriate I/O control operation
 > error writing "stdout": broken pipe
 >     while executing
 > "puts "tclsh=[info nameofexecutable]""
 >     (file "tclcfg.tcl" line 1)

I.e. from the first error it appears to be dying at line 115:

     _die "error starting $tclsh: \$?=$?; \$!=$!\n" if $?!=0;

and the second error is just stderr from tclsh (complaining it couldn't 
write to stdout because Perl died)…

But running `tclsh tclcfg.tcl` both manually and from Perl seems to give 
the correct output. In fact if I comment out line 115 (`_die … if 
$?!=0`), then the tclsh output gets put in $tclcfg, and Makefile.PL 
seems to finish as expected.

I'm not sure what's wrong here. The only thing that seems strange to me 
is that $?=-1 for opening a command pipe on Windows (I can get $?=-1 for 
something like `open(my $fh, "echo hello |")`) but not on other OSes 
(e.g. macOS, where $?=0 when open() works). I have not found if/where 
this is explained in `perldoc open` or `perldoc perlipc`.

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