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Logging: Missing lines, truncated data

Christoph Lukas
February 22, 2016 11:15
Logging: Missing lines, truncated data
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Hello list,

I'm hoping you can help me with a spot of bother I ran into:

The logs written to syslog and file are missing lines, while certain 
lines are truncated.

For example, this is the incomming session that sent the "WELCOME to" mail:
(timestamps after the first line are removed for readability)

   Mon Feb 22 10:55:34 2016 mail[17615]: US
   mail[17615]: Linux 2.6.x
   mail[17615]: pass, not spontaneous
   mail[17615]: skip, no match
   mail[17615]: karma 1 (1)
   mail[17615]: pass
   mail[17615]: pass
   mail[17615]: 220 ESMTP qpsmtpd 0.96/v0.96 ready; send 
us your mail, but not your spam.
   mail[17615]: dispatching EHLO
   mail[17615]: karma 1 (2)
   mail[17615]: pass
   mail[17615]: Hi []
   mail[17615]: 250-PIPELINING
   mail[17615]: 250-8BITMIME
   mail[17615]: 250 STARTTLS
   mail[17615]: dispatching MAIL FROM:<>
   mail[17615]: pass, has MX at
   mail[17615]: pass, no zones
   mail[17615]: pass
   mail[17615]: karma 1 (3)
   mail[17615]: pass, is authorized to use 
'' in 'mfrom' identity (mechanism 
'ip4:' matched)
   mail[17615]: 250 <>, sender OK - how exciting 
to get mail from you!
   mail[17615]: dispatching RCPT TO:<>
   mail[17615]: pass
   mail[17615]: pass: in rcpthosts
   mail[17615]: 250 <>, recipient ok
   mail[17615]: dispatching DATA
   mail[17615]: pass
   mail[17615]: 354 go ahead
   mail[17615]: skip, unsigned
   mail[17615]: pass, no signature, neutral policy
   mail[17615]: replace_rcpt: recipient: ->
   mail[17615]: pass, not a null sender
   mail[17615]: karma 1 (4)
   mail[17615]: error, reject disabled (Ham, -4.5, learn=ham)
   mail[17615]: pass
   mail[17615]: 250 Queued! <> (Queue-Id: 
   mail[17615]: dispatching QUIT
   mail[17615]: 221 closing connection. Have a wonderful day.
   mail[17615]: click, disconnecting
   mail[17615]: 3.182 s.

This differs greatly from the samples at [1]: crucial information is 
missing, lines containing a colon seem to be missing text before the :.

Logging is configured as such:
   ## Logging
   # File:
   logging/file loglevel LOGINFO /srv/smtp/qpsmtpd/log/qpsmtpd.log
   # Syslog:
   logging/syslog loglevel LOGINFO priority LOG_NOTICE facilty mail

The logs in both syslog and file are mutilated as shown above.

OS is FreeBSD 10.3-BETA2 amd64, perl is at v5.20.3, qpsmtpd is at git 
HEAD (43020a8).

What can be done to restore proper logging?

Thank you very much :-)

Best regards,

1: Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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