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Aw: Re: Issues in the current HEAD

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Hans Salvisberg
January 4, 2015 23:29
Aw: Re: Issues in the current HEAD
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<html><head></head><body><div style="font-family: Verdana;font-size: 12.0px;"><div>Hmm...
<ul class="wiki-pages">
	<li><strong><a class="wiki-page-link" href="" target="_blank">Install</a></strong></li>
	<li><strong><a class="wiki-page-link" href="" target="_blank">Install.Authentication</a></strong></li>
	<li><strong><a class="wiki-page-link" href="" target="_blank">Install.Starttls</a></strong></li>

<div>on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> suggests that you set up authentication without tls (it&#39;s commented out in config.sample) and only activate tls in a third step. Only the third page says</div>


<div>&quot;Notice now that the previous authentication mechanisms are gone! <strong>When SSL is enabled</strong>, authentication is not advertised unless the connection is secure. This is a VERY good default, but it can be changed by editing config/tls_before_auth.&quot;</div>


<div>So, &quot;AUTH&quot; should be there as long as you don&#39;t have tls.</div>

<div>At the risk of beating a dead horse,</div>

<div>&nbsp;&nbsp; 5c8f6b6 - Merge pull request #181 from jaredj/more-data-respond-tests (2015-01-01 18:59:21 -0800)</div>

<div>would stall after...</div>


<div>4729 4729 Loaded logging/warn 6</div>

<div>4729 4729 Connection from ###</div>
4729 4729 (connect) earlytalker: pass, not spontaneous

<div>4729 4729 (connect) relay: skip, no match</div>

<div>4729 4729 (connect) dnsbl: karma -1 (-2)</div>

<div>4729 4729 (connect) dnsbl: fail, NAUGHTY,</div>

<div>4729 4729 220 ### ESMTP qpsmtpd 0.95/v0.94-310-g5c8f6b6 ready; send us your mail, but not your spam.</div>

<div>4729 4729 dispatching EHLO []</div>
4729 4729 250-### Hi ###

<div>4729 4729 250-PIPELINING</div>

<div>4729 4729 250-8BITMIME</div>


<div>... and then time out later with...</div>


<div>4729 FATAL PLUGIN ERROR [logging::file_3a7]: Can&#39;t call method &quot;notes&quot; on unblessed reference at /home/smtpd/qpsmtpd/plugins/logging/file line 275, &lt;STDIN&gt; line 1.</div>

<div>4729 4729 (post-connection) connection_time: 101.698 s.</div>


<div>Note the missing &quot;STARTTLS&quot; above. Maybe it wasn&#39;t specifically &quot;AUTH&quot; missing but just the last option (&quot;AUTH&quot; if no tls, &quot;STARTTLS&quot; if with tls).</div>


<div>The new current HEAD</div>

<div>&nbsp;&nbsp; 3db87b8 - Merge pull request #188 from msimerson/dbm-default-perm (2015-01-04 14:40:38 -0600)</div>

<div>does not have this problem anymore, both with the same config!</div>


<div>So I&#39;m on HEAD/3db87b8 now.</div>




<div style="margin: 10.0px 5.0px 5.0px 10.0px;padding: 10.0px 0 10.0px 10.0px;border-left: 2.0px solid rgb(195,217,229);">
<div style="margin: 0 0 10.0px 0;"><b>Gesendet:</b>&nbsp;Sonntag, 04. Januar 2015 um 06:44 Uhr<br/>
<b>Von:</b>&nbsp;&quot;Matt Simerson&quot; &lt;;<br/>
<b>Betreff:</b>&nbsp;Re: Issues in the current HEAD</div>

&gt; On Jan 3, 2015, at 7:17 AM, wrote:<br/>
&gt; Hi,<br/>
&gt; I&#39;m a long-time happy user of qpsmtpd with a small site, and right now I&#39;m in the process of setting up my site on a new server and reinstalling qpsmtpd. I want to use auth_imap, which is in HEAD but not in 0.94, so I decided to try HEAD, but HEAD is broken: it does not announce &quot;AUTH&quot; at all. So I went for commit ee01a07 (2014-12-22 15:01:12 -0800), except for the following issue:<br/>
That&#39;s a feature. By default, QP only advertises AUTH if there&#39;s an AUTH provider AND the connection is secured. See the contents of config/tls_before_auth<br/>

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