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Error message I'm getting 7 messages Michael Holzt, Mike Crowe, Matt Sergeant, John Peacock 31 Jan 2007
auth_smtpd plugin without TLS 3 messages Ramiro Gonzalez, John Peacock, James Turnbull 31 Jan 2007
s41t storm 34 messages Matt Sergeant, Bryan Scott, John Peacock, Michael Holzt 31 Jan 2007
Installing qpsmtpd kills perldoc 3 messages Hans Salvisberg, John Peacock 31 Jan 2007
transparent proxy like smtpprox 3 messages Lars Wilke, Michael Holzt 26 Jan 2007
smtp connections never timeout 9 messages Charlie Brady, ampster, Oscar Retana, Hanno Hecker 23 Jan 2007
How to get started with qpsmtpd? 23 messages Hans Salvisberg, Guy Hulbert, James Turnbull, Michael Holzt 25 Jan 2007
outstanding patches and bugs? 1 message Ask Bjørn Hansen 22 Jan 2007
nfslocking with greylist 1 message JT Moree 22 Jan 2007
badmailfrom or ignoring mail with from <> 53 messages Guy Hulbert, Michael Holzt, Peter J. Holzer, Matt Sergeant 22 Jan 2007
greylising ideas 9 messages JT Moree, Peter J. Holzer, Gavin Carr 26 Jan 2007
Don't run plugins for connections from localhost 7 messages Robin Bowes, Charlie Brady 18 Jan 2007
Bug / issue tracking 4 messages John Peacock, Robert Spier, Guy Hulbert, Ask Bjørn Hansen 24 Jan 2007
Turning off plugins 1 message qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh 17 Jan 2007
handle multiple recipients differently? 8 messages Joe Knall, Peter J. Holzer, Robin Bowes, Hanno Hecker 14 Jan 2007
Per user configs with the Spamassassin plugin? 14 messages Mark Farver, Peter J. Holzer, Guy Hulbert, Michael Holzt 13 Jan 2007
strange forkserver code 9 messages Guy Hulbert, Peter J. Holzer, qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh, Ask Bjørn Hansen 9 Jan 2007
Plugins and Testing 1 message Guy Hulbert 9 Jan 2007
Patch to fix tests in 0.3x 1 message Guy Hulbert 9 Jan 2007
Wiki Outage, Upgrade, new Templates, editable Sidebar 5 messages James Turnbull, Guy Hulbert, Michael Holzt 8 Jan 2007
Fork Talk about Wiki to another mailing list? 4 messages Guy Hulbert, Michael Holzt, Ask Bjørn Hansen, David Nicol 8 Jan 2007
Changes to the Wiki 5 messages Guy Hulbert, James Turnbull, Peter J. Holzer, Sydney Bogaert 8 Jan 2007
Broken Tests in 0.3x 2 messages Guy Hulbert 9 Jan 2007
if any one is interested, just submitted a port of QPSMTPD forinclusion in the FreeBSD ports tree 1 message Vulpes Velox 8 Jan 2007
warnings in spamassassin plugin 3 messages qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh, Hanno Hecker 9 Jan 2007
Wiki: styler-plugin 2 messages Guy Hulbert, Michael Holzt 8 Jan 2007
Proposed Wiki Namespace structure 5 messages James Turnbull, Guy Hulbert, Ask Bjørn Hansen 7 Jan 2007
Page move feature in the wiki 4 messages Michael Holzt, Guy Hulbert, Peter J. Holzer 7 Jan 2007
fake accepting mail 5 messages Guy Hulbert, Joe Knall, Robert Spier 7 Jan 2007
require_resolvable_fromhost plugin 5 messages qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh, Charlie Brady, Guy Hulbert, Peter J. Holzer 5 Jan 2007
check_earlytalker 4 messages qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh, Brian Szymanski, Devin Carraway 5 Jan 2007
Re: qpsmtpd or qpsmtpd-forkserver 5 messages qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh, Michael Holzt, Mark Farver 4 Jan 2007
any need for qmail-smtpd after qpsmtpd install? 45 messages Guy Hulbert, Peter J. Holzer, Juerd, qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh 5 Jan 2007
SMTPA 7 messages Robert Spier, Nick Leverton, Michael C. Toren, Charlie Brady 9 Jan 2007
Future of the wiki in 2007? 45 messages Guy Hulbert, Tom Smith, Michael Holzt, James Turnbull 31 Jan 2007
need for qmail smtpd 3 messages qpsmtpdfrose.20.ftumsh, Michael Holzt 4 Jan 2007
Debian qpsmtpd/qmail launch order 5 messages Kjetil Kjernsmo, Devin Carraway, Bryan Scott, Guy Hulbert 3 Jan 2007
qmail port 10 messages Marcus Brim, Guy Hulbert, Robin Bowes, Juerd 3 Jan 2007
Re: [svn:qpsmtpd] r700 - in branches/0.3x: . config.sample liblib/Qpsmtpd plugins 8 messages Robert Spier, Charlie Brady, Ask Bjørn Hansen, gabriel russell 8 Jan 2007
qpsmtpd and DIGEST-MD5 5 messages James Turnbull, John Peacock 2 Jan 2007
Re: which hook provides sender and rcpt at once? 10 messages Guy Hulbert, Hanno Hecker, Joe Knall, Ask Bjørn Hansen 9 Jan 2007

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