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Re: feature request: explanation of git-id

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H.Merijn Brand
January 18, 2017 07:23
Re: feature request: explanation of git-id
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On Tue, 17 Jan 2017 16:48:16 -0500, James E Keenan <>

> When you go to, one of the columns 
> presented is "Git-id".  Its contents look like this:
> v5.25.8-269-g01f9673
> v5.25.8-196-g3626fc2
> v5.25.8-208-g05053e2
> v5.25.8-260-g57b3a6b6ec

$ git help describe

       git-describe - Describe a commit using the most recent tag reachable
       from it

       git describe [--all] [--tags] [--contains] [--abbrev=<n>] [<commit-ish>...]
       git describe [--all] [--tags] [--contains] [--abbrev=<n>] --dirty[=<mark>]

       The command finds the most recent tag that is reachable from a commit.
       If the tag points to the commit, then only the tag is shown. Otherwise,
       it suffixes the tag name with the number of additional commits on top
       of the tagged object and the abbreviated object name of the most recent

       By default (without --all or --tags) git describe only shows annotated
       tags. For more information about creating annotated tags see the -a and
       -s options to git-tag(1).

> What these strings mean is not entirely self-evident.  I can infer that 
> 'v5.25.8' means "after we've released perl-5.25.8."  And I understand 
> that in the final part of the string, everything after the initial 'g' 
> is a git SHA (commit ID).
> But I've never understood what the middle integer is supposed to mean. 
> Those integers do not appear to be assigned in strictly increasing 
> numerical order.  It would be nice if there was some explanation on the 
> page as to what that part and the whole Git-id are supposed to mean.
> Thank you very much.
> Jim Keenan

H.Merijn Brand   Perl Monger
using perl5.00307 .. 5.25   porting perl5 on HP-UX, AIX, and openSUSE

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