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Test-Simple punchlist status

Chad Granum
April 17, 2015 13:20
Test-Simple punchlist status
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Original note:

   1. A single Test-Simple branch with proposed code and a corresponding
   Test-Simple dev release to CPAN (exodist)
   *Status: DONE*
   2. Single document describing all known issues (exodist to write; andk
   to review)
   Here: (Failure is due to
   Changes file, please ignore)
   *Status: Under review by ANDK*
   3. Invite people to install latest dev in their daily perls for feedback
      - Write document explaining how to do so and how to roll-back (rjbs
      and exodist)
      4. Update CPAN delta smoke: compare test results for all of CPAN with
   latest stable and latest dev (andk, leont, xdg)
   *Status: Not started*
   - on Perl verisions 5.8.1, 5.20.2; both with and without threads
      - no new changes from previous list of incompatible modules doing
      unsupported things
   5. Line-by-line review of $Test::Builder::Level back compatibility
   support (ribasushi to review; xdg to vet results)
   *Status: Not Started*
   6. bleadperl delta smoke with verbose harness output with latest stable
   and latest dev; review line-by-line diff (exodist and ether)
   *Status: Patch ready, not started*
   - should be no substantive changes (outside Test-Simple tests themselves)
   7. Performance benchmarking — while specific workloads will vary,
   generally a ~15% slowdown on a "typical" workload is acceptable
   *Status: Bulk88 and I have achieved near parity between legacy and the
   new stuff. Bulk88 has further patches to make it even faster than legacy,
   but they are pending. Ether has not yet verified the results.*
   - Add patches to existing bechmarking tools in Test-Simple repo (ether
      and bulk88)
      - Run benchmarks on at least Linux (exodist) and Windows Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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