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Re: counting usage, not downloads

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Eric Wilhelm
July 5, 2008 12:55
Re: counting usage, not downloads
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# from Aristotle Pagaltzis
# on Friday 04 July 2008 22:38:

>* Eric Wilhelm <> [2008-07-04 10:25]:
>> Assuming that we could obtain download counts (which we can't)
>...Case in point: I keep my own minicpan mirror...

So?  I said "(which we can't)" to convey that counting downloads is 
impossible -- it cannot be done.  I went on to briefly explain that it 
is also futile, which you have also done.  Now that we've covered that 
twice, we can move on?

Getting opt-in counts of usage via dependency scanning:

  grep -h '^use ' $(echo $PATH | sed 's/:/\n/g' | sort -u | \
    sed 's/$/\/*/') | perl -pe 's/^use //; s/(;| |\().*//' | sort -u

The above pipeline is a very dumb scan [1], but already gathers useful 
information.  Now take that output and prune [3] every module which is 
not found in your ~/.cpanplus/02-packages.details.txt.gz [2] and post 
the resulting list [4].

Now, of course this is all fun and interesting, but it does $me very 
little good to tell $you what modules I'm running.  So, even if $you 
worked through all of the caveats in [1], why would $me bother to 
install it and setup a cron job to post the results?  Thus, I think the 
incentive has to come in the form of something $me can use to improve 
$me's code/process/etc.  For example, a local DB holding all of that 
info and some reports -- which is where the source file and frequency 
count become important.

[1] It should skip missing directories, has obvious static scanning 
problems (re eval, pod, quoting, &c) with '^use ', misses require()s, 
and anything after a semicolon.  The -h option and final `sort -u` also 
drops the source file and frequency data.  And there's nothing in that 
grep which says it is a perl file.  Further, this skips cgi-bin, sbin, 
and doesn't even look for library trees.

[2] The 02packages.details.txt.gz can be found in your mirror's
"modules/" directory, but of course if you have the module installed via 
CPAN(PLUS), your local copy is up-to-date enough to list it.


[4] [5]

[5] I see 'the' in there, and yes Ingy published a "", but no I 
don't have it installed.  See [1].

"It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so 
--Murphy's Second Corollary

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