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Re: "ICU - International Components for Unicode"

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William Michels via perl6-users
September 24, 2020 19:15
Re: "ICU - International Components for Unicode"
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Thanks everyone for the replies. I guess the two questions I have
pertain mainly to 1) lineage and 2) versioning:

Regarding lineage, I'm interested in knowing if
Pugs/Parrot/Niecza/STD/Perlito/viv/JVM/Rakudo ever used the ICU
Libraries--even if now that data has been extracted into a Raku-native
data structure. I'm fairly certain one principal Rakudo developer is a
C++ expert, so this idea isn't too far fetched.

Regarding versioning, it would be great to tell people that Raku
conforms to the latest-and-greatest ICU Library version, currently
sitting at version# ICU_67. That way when people are weighing Raku vs
Ruby or Python or Haskell or Go, we can tell them "Raku v6.d extracts
ICU_67 thus it conforms to the most current (and most widely accepted)
Unicode Library release (ICU 67 / CLDR 37 locale data / Unicode 13)."
I've read over Daniel's blog post but I don't recall explicit mention
of Unicode version 12, or 13, etc., although it does seem that
following his links takes you to references for Unicode 13.0.0 (see Does Rakudo roll it's own UCD?
Is there no reliance on ICU?

Anyway, If Daniel or Samantha or Joseph or Liz can confirm/refute
Raku's use of the (widely-adopted) ICU C-Library and/or Java-Library,
I will have learned something.

Thanks, Bill.

"ICU 67 updates to CLDR 37 locale data with many additions and
corrections. This release also includes the updates to Unicode 13,
subsuming the special CLDR 36.1 and ICU 66 releases. ICU 67 includes
many bug fixes for date and number formatting, including enhanced
support for user preferences in the locale identifier. The
LocaleMatcher code and data are improved, and number skeletons have a
new “concise” form that can be used in MessageFormat strings. This is
the first regular release after ICU 65. ICU 66 was a low-impact
release with just Unicode 13 and a few bug fixes."

Library/Language support for ICU:

Objective C CocoaICU A set of Objective-C classes that encapsulate parts of ICU.
C# GenICUWrapper A tool that generates a rudimentary C# wrapper around
the C API of ICU4C. This could be used to generate headers for other
ICU wrappers.
C# ICU Dotnet - .NET bindings for ICU
D is a set of wrappers for the D programming language
Erlang icu4e is a set of bindings for Erlang to ICU4C
Cobol COBOL A page on how ICU could be used from a COBOL application.
Go icu4go provides a Go binding for the icu4c library
Haskell Data.Text.ICU Haskell bindings for ICU4C.
Lua ICU-Lua ICU for the Lua language
Pascal ICU4PAS An Object Pascal wrapper around ICU4C.
Perl PICU Perl wrapper for ICU
PHP PHP intl A PHP wrapper around core ICU4C APIs.
Python PyICU A Python extension wrapper around ICU4C.
R stringi An R language wrapper of for ICU4C.
Ruby icu4r ICU4C binding for MRI ruby.
Smalltalk VA Smalltalk Wrappers
Parrot Virtual Machine This is a virtual machine for Perl 6 and other
various programming languages. ICU4C is used to improve the Unicode
PHP The upcoming PHP 6 language is expected to support Unicode through ICU4C.

Companies and Organizations using ICU:

ABAS Software, Adobe, Amazon (Kindle), Amdocs, Apache, Appian, Apple,
Argonne National Laboratory, Avaya, BAE Systems Geospatial
eXploitation Products, BEA, BluePhoenix Solutions, BMC Software,
Boost, BroadJump, Business Objects, caris, CERN, CouchDB, Debian
Linux, Dell, Eclipse, eBay, EMC Corporation, ESRI, Facebook (HHVM),
Firebird RDBMS, FreeBSD, Gentoo Linux, Google, GroundWork Open Source,
GTK+, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH, HP, Hyperion, IBM,
Inktomi, Innodata Isogen, Informatica, Intel, Interlogics, IONA, IXOS,
Jikes, Library of Congress, LibreOffice, Mathworks, Microsoft,
Mozilla, Netezza, Node.js, Oracle (Solaris, Java), Lawson Software,
Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping LLC, Mandrake Linux, OCLC, Progress
Software, Python, QNX, Rogue Wave, SAP, SIL, SPSS, Software AG, SuSE,
Sybase, Symantec, Teradata (NCR), ToolAware, Trend Micro, Virage,
webMethods, Wine, WMS Gaming, XyEnterprise, Yahoo!, Vuo, and many

On Thu, Sep 24, 2020 at 11:14 AM Joseph Brenner <> wrote:
> Elizabeth Mattijsen <> wrote:
> >
> Thanks, yes I was just reading through that.  It makes it clear that
> the "Unicode Character Database" is built-in to the MoarVM, but I'm
> not that clear what the ICU libraries do for you, and I thought there
> might be some point in using them for something or other.
> On 9/24/20, Elizabeth Mattijsen <> wrote:
> >
> >
> >> On 24 Sep 2020, at 20:00, Joseph Brenner <> wrote:
> >>
> >> I'm not sure myself, but my first guess would be probably not...I
> >> *think*  Raku is doing it's own Unicode thing, and isn't using any
> >> system ICU libraries (but I'm willing to stand corrected on that).
> >>
> >> As far as perl (the-language-formerly-known-as-perl5) is concerned:
> >>
> >> That page is a little strange in
> >> any case.  If you follow the links for "perl" it goes to J. Briggs
> >> personal web page, and if you comb through that there's a link to his
> >> PICU just in tarball form.  He has a CPAN account, but doesn't seem to
> >> have put this code there.
> >>
> >> (On the other hand there's this cpan module that uses the system icu
> >> libraries:
> >>
> >> Anyway, I don't think perl has an ICU dependency either, it does it's
> >> own unicode thing as well (i.e. the Unicode "database" ships with it).
> >>
> >>
> >> On 9/24/20, William Michels <> wrote:
> >>> Hi,
> >>>
> >>> I stumbled across the "ICU - International Components for Unicode"
> >>> website:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> There's a list of programming languages using the ICU libraries here:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Should Raku be added to the list above?
> >>> I see Perl and Parrot listed, but not Raku.
> >>>
> >>> Best, Bill.
> >>>
> >

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