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Any other way to do this 10 messages William Michels via perl6-users, Bruce Gray, daniel, Brian Duggan 31 Aug 2020
pod6 and markdown 4 messages Fernando Santagata, Vadim Belman, Richard Hainsworth 31 Aug 2020
Raku Study group in progress 1 message Joseph Brenner 30 Aug 2020
How to I modify what is a new line in lines? 8 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, yary, Brad Gilbert, William Michels via perl6-users 30 Aug 2020
Reminder: Fill Raku's user survey! 6 messages JJ Merelo, ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, William Michels via perl6-users 30 Aug 2020
liens and :chomp question 12 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, Tobias Boege, yary, William Michels via perl6-users 30 Aug 2020
lines :$nl-in question 25 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, yary, Larry Wall, Richard Hainsworth 31 Aug 2020, 1 message Joseph Brenner 28 Aug 2020
Associative class for any key, any value 3 messages yary, Brad Gilbert 27 Aug 2020
Seq whitespace sensitivity? (was Re: print particular linesquestion) 5 messages William Michels via perl6-users, Tobias Boege 29 Aug 2020
Extended identifiers in named attributes 9 messages Marcel Timmerman, Gianni Ceccarelli, William Michels via perl6-users, yary 28 Aug 2020
Raku User's Survey 2020 out now.... 21 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, William Michels via perl6-users, yary, daniel 28 Aug 2020
print particular lines question 44 messages yary, ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, Andy Bach, William Michels via perl6-users 31 Aug 2020
Readline package 7 messages Daniel ”Fooist” Lathrop, Ralph Mellor, dwl, p.spek via perl6-users 28 Aug 2020
SF Perl's Raku Study Group: Sunday 1pm PST 1 message Joseph Brenner 18 Aug 2020
Multi-file 'join' question on Twitter... 1 message William Michels via perl6-users 18 Aug 2020
The SF Perl Raku Study Group, at 1pm this Sunday, the 16th 1 message Joseph Brenner 14 Aug 2020
Re-exporting modules that export operators... 3 messages Stuart Hungerford, Ralph Mellor 16 Aug 2020
Place for examples in a Raku module? 3 messages JJ Merelo, Stuart Hungerford, Darren Duncan 14 Aug 2020
Combining multiple "is..." traits into one? 6 messages Stuart Hungerford, yary, Larry Wall, Tobias Boege 12 Aug 2020
Avoiding monkey typing for custom roles on built-in types... 3 messages yary, Ralph Mellor, Stuart Hungerford 9 Aug 2020
SF Perl's Raku Study Group 2 messages Joseph Brenner 9 Aug 2020
Re: Learning the "ff" (flipflop) infix operator? (was Re: Rakuversion of "The top 10 tricks... .") 11 messages yary, William Michels via perl6-users, Brad Gilbert, Larry Wall 28 Jul 2020
Re: 2020.07 just hit 6 messages Aureliano Guedes, daniel, yary, ToddAndMargo via perl6-users 22 Jul 2020
zef: too many files in ~/.raku/short 4 messages Fernando Santagata, Timo Paulssen 8 Aug 2020
DBIish tries to hijack NativeLibs? 1 message Fernando Santagata 1 Aug 2020
Re: Any sign of a fix for the 10 second compile time? 16 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, Richard Hainsworth, Tom Browder, Veesh Goldman 1 Aug 2020

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