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SF Perl's Raku Study Group 2 messages Joseph Brenner, William Michels via perl6-users 31 Jul
Any sign of a fix for the 10 second compile time? 16 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, Tom Browder, Richard Hainsworth, Elizabeth Mattijsen 31 Jul
df.column1 ... stealing from others could be counter-productive? 1 message Marc Chantreux 29 Jul
Learning the "ff" (flipflop) infix operator? (was Re: Raku versionof "The top 10 tricks... .") 11 messages yary, William Michels via perl6-users, Brad Gilbert, Eirik Berg Hanssen 28 Jul
2020.07.02 just hit 3 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, Aureliano Guedes 24 Jul
Baby steps to create a dataframe structure 15 messages Aureliano Guedes, JJ Merelo, Fernando Santagata, Tom Browder 23 Jul
2020.07 just hit 6 messages Aureliano Guedes, daniel, yary, Brad Gilbert 21 Jul
Pod6 examples 5 messages Parrot Raiser, Richard Hainsworth, JJ Merelo, daniel 21 Jul
BUILD and TWEAK 3 messages Vadim Belman, Richard Hainsworth 21 Jul
recent perl6 book 4 messages JJ Merelo, Warren Pang 21 Jul
I cannot install any lib with Zef 5 messages Aureliano Guedes, JJ Merelo, William Michels via perl6-users, Timo Paulssen 21 Jul
subs and the type system 7 messages Theo van den Heuvel, Tobias Boege, Gianni Ceccarelli 21 Jul
Raku version of "The top 10 tricks of Perl one-liners" ?!? 6 messages William Michels via perl6-users, Larry Wall, Timo Paulssen, Aureliano Guedes 23 Jul
doing an inner join via cross-product 4 messages Joseph Brenner, Darren Duncan, Aureliano Guedes, Bruce Gray 20 Jul
Re: delimiters with more than one character? ... 4 messages Parrot Raiser, yary, William Michels via perl6-users, Marcel Timmerman 17 Jul
Fwd: delimiters with more than one character? ... 2 messages Tom Browder, William Michels via perl6-users 18 Jul
Re: proto and multi 8 messages Richard Hainsworth, Fernando Santagata, yary, William Michels via perl6-users 29 Jun
impact of compiling pod doc 3 messages Marcel Timmerman, JJ Merelo 14 Jul
NativeLibs not loading on Module testing 2 messages Richard Hainsworth, JJ Merelo 14 Jul
perl streaming framework 16 messages Warren Pang, Shlomi Fish, William Michels via perl6-users, Aureliano Guedes 14 Jul
Raku-LibCurl:ver<1.0> install error on older MacOS? 6 messages William Michels via perl6-users, Curt Tilmes, Joseph Brenner, Vadim Belman 11 Jul
cannot create an instance of subset type 5 messages Marcel Timmerman, Brad Gilbert, Ben Davies, Elizabeth Mattijsen 11 Jul
root cubic 7 messages Tobias Boege, Aureliano Guedes, Richard Hainsworth, Laurent Rosenfeld via perl6-users 9 Jul
Rakudo+ versions quoted in the documentation 5 messages Parrot Raiser, Joseph Polanik, Elizabeth Mattijsen, p.spek via perl6-users 5 Jul
Re: an error I don't understand 4 messages Marcel Timmerman, Brad Gilbert 1 Jul

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