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Re: perl6's new name?

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David E.
August 13, 2019 14:06
Re: perl6's new name?
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It's been said before, but I do think that the "Perl6" name is holding back
adoption.  Too many people think of the old Perl, and have no interest in
looking at what's changed in a new version of the "same" language.
Whatever the new name ultimately becomes, changing it (perhaps timed with a
new major release of the Rakudo implementation), would do much to improve

Camelia could work, but I'll throw in another suggestion that's been in my
head for a while:  *PANL* - short for "Perl 6 is A New Language".
Alternatively, its components can be referred to as the "PAN Language",
"PAN Interpreter", "PAN Specification", etc with a possible logo being a
frying pan (held by a camel?) mixing up all of the best language concepts &
tools ;-)

It's short and makes clear that this is a part of the Perl family (for
those that care), while still conveying that it is, for all intents and
purposes, a new language.


On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 1:21 AM BELOSCAR Christian <> wrote:

> Camelia : Excellent idea Eliza, I totally agree with yours arguments and
> what a sympathetic non technical name
> accorded with its logo and attracting young programmers too. I vote for
> this choice with enthusiasm !
> Chris
> Le lun. 12 août 2019 à 08:15, Eliza <> a écrit :
>> Hello perl6 world,
>> I saw the perl6 github issue, just was confused will perl6 change its
>> name?
>> Perl 6 was initially conceived to be the next version of Perl 5. It took
>> way too long to mature to an initial release. Meanwhile, people
>> interested in taking Perl 5 along, took back the reigns and continued
>> developing Perl 5.
>> Having two programming languages that are sufficiently different to not
>> be source compatible, but only differ in what many perceive to be a
>> version number, is hurting the image of both Perl 5 and Perl 6 in the
>> world. Since the word "Perl" is still perceived as "Perl 5" in the
>> world, it only seems fair that "Perl 6" changes its name.
>> Since Larry has indicated, in his video message to the participants of
>> PerlCon 2019 in Riga, that the two sister languages are now old and wise
>> enough to take care of themselves, such a name change would no longer
>> require the approval of the BDFL.
>> I would therefore propose to change the name to "the Camelia Programming
>> Language" or "Camelia" for short, for several reasons:
>> the search term "camelia programming language" already brings you to the
>> right place. This means that changing the name to "Camelia" will have
>> minimal impact on findability on search engines such as Google and
>> DuckDuckGo.
>> the logo / mascot would not need changing: it's just that it now also
>> becomes the actual name of the programming language.
>> "Camelia" in its name, still carries something Perlish inside of it.
>> The concept of "Camelia" being an implementation of a specification in
>> "roast", still stands. The alternative, to use "Rakudo" as the name of
>> the language, would cause confusion with the name being used to indicate
>> an implementation, and would endanger the separation between
>> specification and implementation.
>> Choosing yet another name, such as Albus, would mean having to start
>> from scratch with marketing and getting the name out there. Hence my
>> preference for a known name such as "Camelia".
>> The "Camelia" logo is still copyright Larry Wall, so it would allow
>> Larry to still be connected to one of the programming languages that he
>> helped get into the world.
>> regards,
>> Eliza

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