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How do I use ~ with Regex syntax? 3 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, Paul Procacci 31 Aug
nativecall and variable argument lists 4 messages Marcel Timmerman, Vittore Scolari 29 Aug
[ please ] request for perl machine learning utils development 5 messages Cloud Cache, Shlomi Fish, Fernando Santagata, Wesley Peng 29 Aug
Refactoring of the documentation system. 1 message Richard Hainsworth 26 Aug
p6doc issue - #2387 1 message Parrot Raiser 24 Aug
Executing remote command via ssh 2 messages yary, Mario Galindez 27 Aug
learning resources for perl6 beginner 7 messages Wesley Peng, Parrot Raiser, Laurent Rosenfeld via perl6-users, William Michels via perl6-users 25 Aug
Lookbehind assertion weirdness 8 messages Sean McAfee, Brad Gilbert, William Michels via perl6-users, yary 27 Aug
perl6-regex: retaining $/.pos after an unsuccesful match without atemporary variable? 13 messages William Michels via perl6-users, Raymond Dresens, Brad Gilbert, yary 19 Aug
Subscripting with a list of slices 3 messages William Michels via perl6-users, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Sean McAfee 16 Aug
Checking If a certain object is present in Array 6 messages Mikkel, Simon Proctor, yary 15 Aug
FW: Type name limit? 3 messages Mark Devine, yary 14 Aug
Type name limit? 1 message Mark Devine 14 Aug
perl6's new name? 24 messages Eliza, Richard Hainsworth, Laurent Rosenfeld via perl6-users, Stephen Wilcoxon 20 Aug
Re: Help with Perl 6 script 2 messages Eliza, William Michels via perl6-users 12 Aug
core dump 4 messages ToddAndMargo via perl6-users, Andy Bach 31 Aug
flat a lazy gather ? 3 messages Marc Chantreux, Bruce Gray 10 Aug
Help with Perl 6 script 1 message Rui Fernandes 8 Aug
DEPRECATED routine 9 messages Marcel Timmerman, Brad Gilbert, JJ Merelo, yary 5 Aug
Re: module availability problem 8 messages Marcel Timmerman, JJ Merelo, Elizabeth Mattijsen 1 Aug
Re: while(<>){...} analog? 30 messages William Michels via perl6-users, Richard Hainsworth, Brad Gilbert, yary 5 Aug

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