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A comparison between P5 docs and p6 docs

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September 11, 2018 11:26
A comparison between P5 docs and p6 docs
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Hi All,

Not to beat a dead horse, but Perl 6's docs are
miserably hard to understand.

Here is a comparison of Perl 5's perldocs and Perl 6's

Perl 5:

$ perldoc -f index
     index STR,SUBSTR
        The index function searches for one string within another,
        but without the wildcard-like behavior of a full regular-
        expression pattern match. It returns the position of
        the first occurrence of SUBSTR in STR at or after POSITION.
        If POSITION is omitted, starts searching from the beginning
        of the string. POSITION before the beginning of the string
        or after its end is treated as if it were the beginning
        or the end, respectively. POSITION and the return value
        are based at zero. If the substring is not found, "index"
        returns -1.

Perl 6:

     Documentation for sub index assembled from the following types:
     class Cool

     From Cool
     (Cool) routine index

     Defined as:

     multi sub    index(Str(Cool) $s, Str:D $needle, Int(Cool) $startpos 
= 0 --> Int)
     multi method index(Str(Cool) $needle, Int(Cool) $startpos = 0 --> Int)

     Coerces the first two arguments (in method form, also counting
     the invocant) to Str, and searches for $needle in the string
     starting from $startpos. It returns the offset into the string
     where $needle was found, and an undefined value if it was not

     See the documentation in type Str for examples.

"Cources"??? Seriously:
     Definition of coerce coerced; coercing
        transitive verb
        1 : to compel to an act or choice
            was coerced into agreeing
            abusers who coerce their victims into silence

        2 : to achieve by force or threat
            coerce compliance
            coerce obedience

        3 : to restrain or dominate by force

And what the heck is a "multi sub" and a "multi method" anyway?
AND WHY DO I EVEN CARE?  I just what to know how to use the
stinking thing!  Geepers Creapers !!!  (I am trying to avoid

Perl 5's perldoc just tells you what you need to know to use the
stinker.  It is concise and to the point.  Perl 6 is a nightmare
to understand.

Thank for putting up with my frustration.


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