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Package Compile Question 7 messages JJ Merelo, Richard Hogaboom, Brad Gilbert 30 Sep
join questions 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Larry Wall, Simon Proctor 30 Sep
A problem with native CArrays 7 messages Fernando Santagata, JJ Merelo, Brandon Allbery, Brad Gilbert 30 Sep
RFE's on Inf and words documentation 1 message ToddAndMargo 30 Sep
Just posted a documentation RFE 1 message ToddAndMargo 26 Sep
Could this be any more obscure? 155 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, JJ Merelo, Curt Tilmes 30 Sep
words[] question 12 messages Todd Chester, ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Brian Duggan 26 Sep
Installing Perl6 on shared server 8 messages Richard Hainsworth, Parrot Raiser, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Patrick Spek via perl6-users 26 Sep
Grammar doesn't seem to match any token 5 messages yary, Patrick R. Michaud, Ralph Mellor, Mark Carter 24 Sep
extending built-in classes 8 messages Joseph Brenner, Brandon Allbery, Curt Tilmes, Larry Wall 25 Sep
Rat 5 messages ToddAndMargo, Curt Tilmes, Vadim Belman 17 Sep
metamorphosis or alchemy? 18 messages ToddAndMargo, Curt Tilmes, Vadim Belman, Brandon Allbery 17 Sep
Information about Perl 6 internals 4 messages Fernando Santagata, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Curt Tilmes 21 Sep
Is this a bug? 4 messages Elizabeth Mattijsen, Fernando Santagata 16 Sep
escape codes 5 messages ToddAndMargo, Parrot Raiser, The Sidhekin, yary 17 Sep
Need regex help 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Larry Wall 16 Sep
What is the official name of regex switches? 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Larry Wall 16 Sep
Need help with a variable inside a regex 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 15 Sep
I need hash syntax help 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Brent Laabs 15 Sep
Can methods have multiple inputs? 5 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Brad Gilbert 15 Sep
method vs multi method 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Ralph Mellor 15 Sep
tip: that annoying character at the end 7 messages ToddAndMargo, Brad Gilbert 15 Sep
Ping Larry and Friends: Need NativeCall help 8 messages ToddAndMargo, Richard Hainsworth, Timo Paulssen, Brandon Allbery 19 Sep
-> 15 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Parrot Raiser, Elizabeth Mattijsen 14 Sep
need p5/p6 :: help 17 messages ToddAndMargo, Todd Chester, Brad Gilbert, Larry Wall 15 Sep
I need -M help 3 messages Todd Chester, Timo Paulssen 14 Sep
.new? 9 messages Todd Chester, Brad Gilbert, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Timo Paulssen 14 Sep
.kv ? 29 messages ToddAndMargo, Todd Chester, Simon Proctor, Brad Gilbert 15 Sep
Multibyte string in Windows command line 9 messages WFB, Brad Gilbert, Andreas.Mueller 13 Sep
Nil ? 11 messages ToddAndMargo, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Simon Proctor, Todd Chester 14 Sep
A comparison between P5 docs and p6 docs 12 messages ToddAndMargo, Tom Browder, Parrot Raiser, Simon Proctor 12 Sep
Functions and subroutines? 9 messages yary, ToddAndMargo, Larry Wall, Joseph Brenner 12 Sep
Please explain this to me 40 messages ToddAndMargo, Todd Chester, Timo Paulssen, Brandon Allbery 17 Sep
how do I do this index in p6? 25 messages ToddAndMargo, Parrot Raiser, JJ Merelo, yary 14 Sep
Perl 6 Design specification? 5 messages ToddAndMargo, JJ Merelo 11 Sep
"contains" beginning, end? 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen 8 Sep
case insensitive "contains"? 14 messages ToddAndMargo, Laurent Rosenfeld via perl6-users, Trey Harris, yary 11 Sep
RFE: contains documentation 17 messages ToddAndMargo, JJ Merelo, Peter Scott, Vadim Belman 10 Sep
date conversions? 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Vadim Belman 8 Sep
perl6-users in 1 message Ralph Mellor 6 Sep
How to shield users from side effects of applying an attribute traitfor a Moo like trigger 2 messages Vadim Belman, Ralph Mellor 5 Sep
Introducing P6 into a P5 user environment 4 messages Simon Proctor, Parrot Raiser, Vadim Belman, Ralph Mellor 6 Sep
use Moo:from<Perl5>; 9 messages Vadim Belman, Simon Proctor, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Ralph Mellor 6 Sep
DefiniteHOW and SubsetHOW don't support named parameters 2 messages Ralph Mellor, Vadim Belman 5 Sep
WATs (Array[Str] vs Array and list vs scalar assignment) 2 messages Vadim Belman, Ralph Mellor 5 Sep
Is Proxy a first class part of P6 or not? 5 messages Vadim Belman, Brandon Allbery, Ralph Mellor, yary 5 Sep
Handing over control 9 messages Parrot Raiser, Brandon Allbery, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Curt Tilmes 3 Sep
Appropriate last words 17 messages Parrot Raiser, Brian Duggan, Richard Hainsworth, Timo Paulssen 11 Sep
Missing or wrong version of dependency 2 messages Elizabeth Mattijsen, Peter Scott 3 Sep
Coercion/type checking: manually reproduce Perl6 standards 2 messages Fernando Santagata, Vadim Belman 2 Sep

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