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How do I read a pipe into a one liner? 3 messages ToddAndMargo 31 Oct
Nice Channel and thread example 4 messages Norman Gaywood, Elizabeth Mattijsen 31 Oct
[NOTICE] Main Development Branch Renamed from=?utf-8?b?4oCcbm9t4oCd?= to =?utf-8?b?4oCcbWFzdGVy4oCd?= 1 message zoffix 28 Oct
Forcing a Positional role 7 messages Fernando Santagata, Simon Proctor 29 Oct
my Pause.pm6 updated 2 messages ToddAndMargo 28 Oct
Fw: Perl 6: Protecting Intellectual Property for Commercial Code 1 message Shlomi Fish 26 Oct
Perl 6: Protecting Intellectual Property for Commercial Code 5 messages Shlomi Fish, Mark Devine, Parrot Raiser 23 Oct
who own my code? 13 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Theo van den Heuvel 21 Oct
module ecosystem and cpan6 and consistency 2 messages Richard Hainsworth 17 Oct
Is Haskell the right language for teaching FP. No! 2 messages Norman Gaywood, Brent Laabs 17 Oct
Error Handling with IO::Socket.:Async::SLL 3 messages Martin Barth, Timo Paulssen 16 Oct
Perl6 on USB key? 4 messages Chris Ramsey, Philippe de Rochambeau 14 Oct
mtp??? 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 6 Oct
Email::MIME multiple attachments question 1 message ToddAndMargo 4 Oct
variable size limit? 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Brent Laabs, Parrot Raiser 3 Oct
Tip: hash indexing 11 messages ToddAndMargo, Andy Bach, Bennett Todd, Tom Browder 4 Oct
<<>> question 16 messages ToddAndMargo, Andy Bach, Todd Chester, yary 5 Oct
Re: Perl 6 Object Construction - General Advice 11 messages Mark Devine, Timo Paulssen, Brandon Allbery, Brian Duggan 5 Oct
Re: Tip: assign a value to a hash using a variable as a key 16 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Richard Hainsworth, Timo Paulssen 1 Oct

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