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Perl 6 Object Construction - General Advice 11 messages Mark Devine, Timo Paulssen, Brandon Allbery, Brian Duggan 30 Sep
Tip: assign a value to a hash using a variable as a key 16 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Richard Hainsworth, Timo Paulssen 30 Sep
Any way to get hashes to loop in order? 9 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Brock Wilcox, Parrot Raiser 30 Sep
Need append help 16 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Sean McAfee, Timo Paulssen 29 Sep
write bytes requires an object with REPR MVMOSHandle 4 messages ToddAndMargo, Andy Bach 29 Sep
-f ??? 22 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Parrot Raiser, Norman Gaywood 29 Sep
how do I assign an array to a hash key 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 29 Sep
Need MIME syntax help 1 message ToddAndMargo 29 Sep
Hash and subs question 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 29 Sep
chown? 4 messages Brandon Allbery, ToddAndMargo 29 Sep
user and group of a file? 4 messages Brandon Allbery, Parrot Raiser, ToddAndMargo 26 Sep
Need a second pair of eyes 18 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Timo Paulssen, Parrot Raiser 26 Sep
overwrite? 9 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Parrot Raiser 25 Sep
Why can't I "write"? 9 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Fernando Santagata, Brent Laabs 23 Sep
chaining substitutions? 5 messages ToddAndMargo, raiph mellor, yary 24 Sep
bash and pm6 question 5 messages Todd Chester, ToddAndMargo, Bennett Todd, Elizabeth Mattijsen 21 Sep
DateTime.Str default formatter with sprintf is pretty slow 1 message =?utf-8?Q?Thor_Michael_St=C3=B8re?= 19 Sep
help with map and regexp 5 messages Luca Ferrari, Brandon Allbery, Timo Paulssen, Brent Laabs 21 Sep
can't adverb and infix 3 messages Elizabeth Mattijsen, Brandon Allbery, Luca Ferrari 20 Sep
mkdir not failing appropriately? 2 messages Norman Gaywood 18 Sep
Offering my help with the Perl6 Text::Markdown module 3 messages JJ Merelo, andrew 18 Sep
rw optional parameters 4 messages Norman Gaywood, Elizabeth Mattijsen 16 Sep
What is this things official name? 1 message ToddAndMargo 16 Sep
Any "note" without the "say"? 13 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, Andy Bach, Patrick R. Michaud 15 Sep
what am I doing wrong here? 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Todd Chester, Timo Paulssen 15 Sep
:: question 10 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery, yary 17 Sep
program name and @*ARGS 3 messages ToddAndMargo 14 Sep
Who called me? 6 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 14 Sep
stderr? 3 messages ToddAndMargo, Brandon Allbery 14 Sep
takeWhile ? 6 messages Marc Chantreux, Timo Paulssen, The Sidhekin 11 Sep
lats rakudo version from rakudobrew ? 3 messages Marc Chantreux, Brandon Allbery 13 Sep
how would I modify this to dump the buffer? 2 messages ToddAndMargo 11 Sep
A pm6 to share: RunNoShell 1 message ToddAndMargo 9 Sep
What is P6 for P5 `use Term::ReadKey`? 16 messages ToddAndMargo, Timo Paulssen, Brandon Allbery, Norman Gaywood 16 Sep
Thread example from evanmiller 2 messages Elizabeth Mattijsen, Norman Gaywood 11 Sep
thread behavior 5 messages Elizabeth Mattijsen, JuhiMarcel LangbroekTimmerman, Brandon Allbery, Marcel Timmerman 4 Sep
json file pase 2 messages n6ghost, Shlomi Fish 2 Sep
Fedora and 2017.08 1 message ToddAndMargo 2 Sep

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