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perl 5.6.0 stdlib stats

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Leon Brocard
September 10, 2000 05:41
perl 5.6.0 stdlib stats
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In an effort to avoid organising YAPC::Europe, I went through the 126
modules with documentation in Perl 5.6.0's lib/ directory and
documented what kind of interface they provided. Not all of them
follow perlstyle, and I think perl6's standard libraries should. But
anyway, here goes...

BTW I'm not doing too much analysis on this at the moment, and the raw
text file used to generate this is attached. Anyone?

Here are a few general notes first:

IPC::Msg # snd and rcv methods should be send and receive instead
POSIX # creat? creat? fools!
Pod::Usage # maybe pod2usage should be pod_to_usage?
Sys::Syslog # shouldn't this be called Sys::Log?

* How many modules have an OO interface?

     45	OO

* How many support class methods?

      5	class methods

* How many modules export functions

     46	functions(ALL)
        Export all functions by default

     11	functions(NONE)
        Export no functions by default
        This is probably perlstyle

      4	functions(SOME)
        Export some functions by default

        Use EXPORT_TAGS

* What kind of naming scheme are the functions or modules?

     34	nocapssingle
        Single words in lower caps

     29	nocapshere
        Mulitple words joined together in lower caps

     27	no_caps_here
        Multiple words joined together with underscores in lower caps
        (this is perlstyle)

      4	Nocapshere
        Multiple words joined together with an initial upper caps

      2	NoCapsHere
        Multiple words joined together with the first letter of words
        being upper caps (Java style?)

      2	NO_CAPS_HERE
        Capitals with all uppercase

      1	noCapsHere
        NoCapsHere but with initial lower case

      1	[Nn]oCapsHere 
        Inconsistent naming scheme

* How many modules export datatypes?

      6	scalars
      1	hash
      1	arrays

* How many do magic stuff?

     10	magic

* How many do all their stuff during the 'use' call?

      6	use Module LIST
      1	use Module (source filter)
      1	use Module

* How many use tie as a primary interface?

      3	tie

* How many must you subclass to do anything?

      3	must subclass

* How many are deprecated?

      3	deprecated
        Why are these still around?

* How many have a command-line interface?

      2	CLI

* How many overload ""?

      1	overloads ""

* How many are interactive?
      1	interactive

Leon Brocard.............................
yapc::Europe - September 22-24 London -

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