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RFC 286 (v1) Add a "emit pod" runtime option to Perl

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September 24, 2000 23:00
RFC 286 (v1) Add a "emit pod" runtime option to Perl
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=head1 TITLE

Add a "emit pod" runtime option to Perl

=head1 VERSION

  Maintainer: Adam Turoff <>
  Date: 24 Sep 2000
  Mailing List:
  Number: 286
  Version: 1
  Status: Developing


It would be really handy if there were a core mechanism to emit the
documentation embedded in a Perl program/module.


Tom Christiansen proposed this in his perl6storm message:

	=item perl6storm #0004

	Need perl to spit out pod/non-pod, like cc -E.  Pod is too hard to parse.
	This would make catpod trivially implemented as a compiler filter.

This feature would be quite useful, aside from just Tom's example of 'catpod'.


Many options exist, including mucking around with the core to have a simple
commandline flag (e.g. C<perl -E>)

The most sensible implementation would be to write a standard module
that was a compiler backend, and invoked easliy, as in:

	perl -MPOD -e "emit()" *.pl *.pm t/*.t


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