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RE: RFC 260 (v1) More modules

Garrett Goebel
September 21, 2000 07:09
RE: RFC 260 (v1) More modules
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From: Michael G Schwern []
> Doh!  Don't read email for two days and look what happens.  Its like
> going on vacation and leaving the iron on.

Speaking of which, I just re-read my previous email, and I want apologize
for contributing to the flamebait. Sorry. Hopefully this post will be more

> On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 04:08:21PM -0400, Adam Turoff wrote:
> > Are you proposing something like this:
> > 
> > 	Standard distribution: 
> > 		1: Everything (core, docs, standard modules)
> > 	
> > 	Alternative Distribution: 
> > 		2a: core language (+ pragmatic modules)
> > 		2b: standard modules
> > 		2c: docs (possibly split into tutorials and reference)
> #1 would be the primary distribution.  Definately #1.  #2a..2c would
> be made available, but in a slightly less obvious way.  When you go to
> download perl-current.tar.gz, you get #1.  #2a..c wouldn't even be in
> the same directory.

I share Tom's view here. I think it would be a bad idea to distribute the
source tarball for the Core Perl Distribution without documentation. Has
anyone made a case for the size of download issue? I was under the possibly
mistaken impression that this was a size of install thing.

> the simplest way to do this is to make the default
> distribution contain the docs and let the user hunt
> a bit for the tarball without docs.

If you're talking binary distributions I'd agree. If you're talking
source... I'd differ. I'd rather see everyone start with the same package,
and enable them to strip it down as they need. This goes back to whether its
a size of install or download issue.

> > > Another is to provide several different install options.
> > > "make install" installs everything, as usual.  
> > > "make small_install" installs just the current set of
> > > modules.  "make tiny_install" installs a bare minimum,
> > > not even docs.

Hmm. Might want to be a bit more fine grained. How about the heretical
option to strip pod and comments from the standard library?

> > How much of the problem is the size of the install vs. the size of
> > the download?
> It would be nice if I could have one or two be full installs
> and the rest minimalist.

Size of install is my issue.

But, to bring this back to a Standard Library discussion... When does the
need arise to draw a distinction between "The Standard Library" and
"Standard Libraries"?  The size of the standard library seems to be ever

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