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#perl6 follow up: "Perl 6 (Early Prototype) User FAQ" and related topics

Conrad Schneiker
May 2, 2006 02:01
#perl6 follow up: "Perl 6 (Early Prototype) User FAQ" and related topics
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Per #perl6 suggestion, we are reactivating this newsgroup

to serve as an information exchange for users of early pre-release

prototype versions of Perl 6. (We use the somewhat

redundant phrase "early pre-release prototype" to hopefully keep

"total newbies" from being mislead about the present status of Perl 6,

and jumping in too soon.)

Topics of particular interest include: getting started with Perl 6,

incremental migration from Perl 5, developing Perl 6 tools,

important modules to know about, current Perl 6 status and

news, and so on.

A "Perl 6 (Early Pre-Release Prototype) User FAQ" will be updated and

posted each week-end, starting around May 6-7, 2006. It will accumulate

the most useful information and resource links from each week's series

of postings (and other sources).

A major aim is to lower the bar a bit for early-adapters, and to

make it easier for people to effectively experiment with Perl 6

without having to search around as much to get started, and to

help fill in intermediate documentation gaps in the process. In

other words, share the -Ofun.

Please post your content requests and suggested content.


Conrad Schneiker

PS: "Why I must help Perl6" :-)

Perl 6 - the software launch pad of the "singularity" age.

Perl 6 - the collaborative language of super-natural intelligence.

Perl 6 - the first mainstream-class super-dynamic programming system. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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