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Recommended Reading List Updated 1 message Carlos Ramirez 24 Oct 2000
My reading list 6 messages Ask Bjoern Hansen, Dan Sugalski, Hildo Biersma, Simon Cozens 24 Oct 2000
C Sharp? 7 messages David Grove, Philip Newton, Dan Sugalski, Nicholas Clark 20 Oct 2000
[READ ME!]Perl 6's temporary code licensing[READ ME!] 1 message Dan Sugalski 18 Oct 2000
Transcription of Larry's talk 37 messages Larry Wall, Philip Newton, Dan Sugalski, John Porter 23 Oct 2000
mp3 of Larry's talk available 1 message Nathan Torkington 17 Oct 2000
Happy Birthday, perl5! 2 messages Bradley M. Kuhn, Jorg Ziefle 17 Oct 2000
perl should optimize for extreme cases (was Re: [FWP] Wanted - Have = Need) 1 message John Porter 17 Oct 2000
Larry's ALS talk 7 messages Bradley M. Kuhn, Jorg Ziefle, Jeff Okamoto, J. David Blackstone 16 Oct 2000
how the FreeBSD project gets its "core members" 16 messages Stephen Zander, Adam Turoff, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Jorg Ziefle 17 Oct 2000
On Working groups, WGC, etc. 1 message Adam Turoff 12 Oct 2000
Update on Larry's talk 6 messages Nathan Torkington, John Porter, Nathan Wiger, Piers Cawley 11 Oct 2000
Reading list 24 messages H . Merijn Brand, Nicholas Clark, Carlos Ramirez, Dan Sugalski 12 Oct 2000
Now and then 17 messages Nathan Torkington, David Grove, Nathan Wiger, Uri Guttman 11 Oct 2000
Continued RFC process 82 messages Dan Sugalski, David Grove, Simon Cozens, John Porter 11 Oct 2000
Re: RFC 357 (v2) Perl should use XML for documentation instead of POD 10 messages Adam Turoff, Nathan Wiger, Simon Cozens, David Grove 4 Oct 2000
Re: RFC 346 (v2) Perl6's License Should be (GPL|Artistic-2.0) 2 messages Bart Lateur, Bradley M. Kuhn 2 Oct 2000
Update on the RFC Process 12 messages Bradley M. Kuhn, Adam Turoff, Dan Sugalski, Nathan Torkington 3 Oct 2000
Re: Undermining the Perl Language 13 messages David Grove, Dan Sugalski, Adam Turoff, Simon Cozens 1 Oct 2000

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