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Re: Naming debate- what's the location for it?

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Parrot Raiser
February 9, 2018 04:39
Re: Naming debate- what's the location for it?
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Looking at possible candidates from a search-engine results and
alternative manings test. some possible choices:
 Mu,  (the root object class),
Camelia, (the spokesbug taking over),
Shesh, (the female form of 6 in Hebrew, but unfortunately also in the
Urban Dictionary - look it up for yourself).

On 2/9/18, Steve Pitchford <> wrote:
> Well, for what it's worth, as an outsider - IMHO, leaving "perl" behinds a
> good thing. Love it or loath it, we live in a js/python/jvm leaning world.
> Perl was great, but it's dated. Why have the baggage? Rakudo is a new
> language. Treat it as such - best hope for it. In layman's terms an
> informal "Perl V2", ridiculous as that may be to the community.
> Steve
> On 8 Feb 2018 10:18 pm, "Darren Duncan" <> wrote:
> My personal favorite resolution is to officially name the language Rakudo,
> full stop.
> The implementation that was/is using the name would be renamed to something
> else so it isn't the same as the language.
> Then we say "Rakudo" is a sibling language of "Perl", full stop.
> Then "Perl 6" becomes a deprecated alias for Rakudo, used informally rather
> than formally from now on, and officially considered a historical footnote
> rather than anything still cited in official documentation or marketing.
> The unqualified name "Perl" continues to refer to the original lineage
> (currently at version 5.x) such as what 99% of the world means when they
> refer to it.
> Remember, we can still say "Rakudo is a sibling of Perl" for all the
> reasons we currently do without actually calling it any kind of "Perl" as
> an individual; we don't actually lose the family thing.
> For documentation/marketing materials and to help with continuity, we can
> typically reference "the Rakudo language, a sibling of Perl", where the
> latter part is then more of a description.
> This is what I really think should and that I would like to happen.
> -- Darren Duncan
> On 2018-02-08 12:47 PM, yary wrote:
>> ...and "rakudo" even better by that criterion. And then there's how
>> "rakudo" is already named in many files, databases, websites, and that's
>> enough to make me think it's a "good enough" name. Though I'd like to
>> change that implementation's name to something else if we start calling
>> the
>> language Rakudo!
>> I quite like having the distinction between the language and its
>> implementations. No one confuses C with cc, gcc, pcc, tcc, mvcc, XCode,
>> or
>> Borland. Using the name "rakudo" to mean the language makes me feel a
>> little bad in that it muddies that distinction further, and gives this
>> current implementation a special status. A status which it earned, we're
>> not talking about calling the Perl6 language "pugs" or "parrot" or
>> "niecza"
>> for a reason. /me shrugs.

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