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RE: Logo considerations

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Conrad Schneiker
March 23, 2009 23:06
RE: Logo considerations
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> From: Darren

> >     Or, if we made the magnetic lines of force hexagonal (inspired by
> > Conrad Schneiker), and superpositioned (ie. superimposed) the whole
> > thing over the Parrot logo, that would be kinda cool.  Although if we
> > keep going like this, the logo will look like a Graeme Base picture.
> If you're going for sciencey or mathey illustrations, then I think its important
> to include something that speaks quantum physics in there, since quantum
> superpositions aka Junctions are one of the big central user features that Perl
> 6 provides which is relatively new to languages in general.

My suggestion (mentioned by Darren above) is attached, and
is also at this link:

Graphene has amazing electron transport characteristics due
to quantum effects (including superimposed wave-functions),
and manifests pseudo-relativistic phenomena:

Graphene structures are web-like and network-like.

Graphene is a lattice of 6 sided hexagons (alluding to a
multiplicity of Perl 6 cores). 

In another sense, you can think of graphene as a lattice of

The slogan under the suggested logo is an attempt to update
the venerable "Perl [5] is the duck tape of the web" slogan to
"Rakudo (Perl 6 on Parrot VM) is the braintricity of the web". 

Braintricity = brain + electricity, an attempt to think of
{manipuplexity, whipitupitude, Perl6, Parrot, and CXAN
(where X indicates all Parrot languages, including Rakudo
Perl 6, plus Perl 5.12)} as a "cognitive energy" {utility
and community}.

The idea is that there is something {semi-awesomely
innovative and sufficiently distinct} about what you guys
are building that a new term is required to keep people from
mistakenly thinking that this is just another variant of
<whatever>. "Define or be defined." With your own term
(brand), you also have a little more flexibility to refine
the definition as you keep developing it.

Some stylistic notes on the logo sketch:

* The {rods and spheres} of hexagonal lattice should be about
half as thick (and perhaps colored solid charcoal grey), so
that the text is much more prominent. (I did a cut, past,
and color inversion of a pre-existing graphene lattice
image, so I had no control over this.)

* The lettering should also be tilted back, to match the
slightly receding perspective of the hexagonal lattice
(which perhaps should be somewhat more accentuated).

* Much smaller versions of the logo can be readily produced by
omitting the lettering.

* Other variants of Perl 6 can be accommodated by adjusting the
number of hexagons to accommodate the names of other Perl 6

Best regards,

Conrad Schneiker

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