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[svn:perl6-synopsis] r11137 - doc/trunk/design/syn

August 18, 2006 09:09
[svn:perl6-synopsis] r11137 - doc/trunk/design/syn
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Author: larry
Date: Fri Aug 18 09:09:21 2006
New Revision: 11137


conjecture about conversion of undef to NaN
grammo from Mark Reed++

Modified: doc/trunk/design/syn/S02.pod
--- doc/trunk/design/syn/S02.pod	(original)
+++ doc/trunk/design/syn/S02.pod	Fri Aug 18 09:09:21 2006
@@ -471,11 +471,16 @@
     my Int $x = undef;    # works
-Variables with native types does not support undefinedness: it is an error
+Variables with native types do not support undefinedness: it is an error
 to assign an undefined value to them:
     my int $y = undef;    # dies
+Conjecture: num might support the autoconversion of undef to NaN, since
+the floating-point form can represent this concept.  Might be better
+to make that conversion optional though, so that the rocket designer
+can decide whether to self-destruct immediately or shortly thereafter.
 =item *
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