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[svn:perl6-plans] r8519 - doc/trunk/plans

March 31, 2006 12:29
[svn:perl6-plans] r8519 - doc/trunk/plans
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Author: pmichaud
Date: Fri Mar 31 12:29:42 2006
New Revision: 8519


Updated milestones document with some of the latest happenings
related to PGE.

Modified: doc/trunk/plans/milestones.pod
--- doc/trunk/plans/milestones.pod	(original)
+++ doc/trunk/plans/milestones.pod	Fri Mar 31 12:29:42 2006
@@ -32,11 +32,16 @@
 At present the grammar engine is able to load entire sets of
 rules, organize them into grammars, and allow rules to be
 created using either Perl 6 rule syntax or as custom PIR
-subroutines.  The next immediate steps are to (1) design the 
-grammar engine so that the p6rule parser is itself a callable 
-rule, to make it possible to parse rule expressions within Perl
-programs, and (2) create a parser that parses Perl 6 programs
-into Match objects.  
+subroutines.  The grammar engine also provides callable
+rules for parsing rule expressions (using Perl 6 rule
+syntax, Perl 5 regular expression syntax, or wildcard
+globs).  There is also some preliminary work being done
+on creating parsers from grammars in BNF syntax.
+A preliminary Perl 6 parser has also been created with
+PGE and is being extended to cover more of the Perl 6
+language; the parser is currently held in the
+languages/perl6/ directory of the Parrot repository.
 =head3 Tasks
@@ -76,9 +81,9 @@
 =item Quoted assertions ( C<< <'text'> and <"text"> )
-=item Develop a grammar engine test suite - in progress
+=item Develop a grammar engine test suite - ongoing
-=item Use the grammar engine to parse p6 rule expressions - in progress
+=item Use the grammar engine to parse p6 rule expressions - done
 =item Develop the Perl 6 grammar - in progress
@@ -88,9 +93,7 @@
 =item Match against lexical variables
-=item Closures in rules - simple version done
-=head3 Dependencies
+=item Closures in rules - done
 =item Parrot character classes in string - done
@@ -125,7 +128,6 @@
 in Parrot hash PMCs; this is needed for defining an efficient bottom-up
 parser for parsing expressions.
 =head3 Status
     Not started Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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