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Re: So long, and thanks for all the fish!

October 15, 2004 09:30
Re: So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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Thanks for all the work you've done in keeping us up-to-date with Perl 6
developments.  Your summaries have been crucial in convincing folks out 
there that much progress is being made, and that Perl 6 will be a language
worth the wait.

Kind regards,

Paul Grassie

> I tried, I really did, but I'm afraid that I must raise the white flag
> to my teacher training for the next while and give up writing the Perl 6
> Summary until at least after Christmas. 
> I've had a great time doing this for the last two and a half years, I
> hope you've all enjoyed it too. It's been a privilege to see the
> progress that's been made with Parrot since I started. Dan, Leo and the
> rest of the p6i team have done fantastic work -- it's only when you stop
> to think about what Parrot looked like two years ago and then compare it
> with the recent release that you get a real sense of how far we've
> come. Thanks guys.
> Thanks to the language folks, Larry, Allison, Damian, and all the
> many and various denizens of perl6-language. Following the list has
> been an education. Every time I find myself thinking a proposal is
> simply poisonous, along comes Larry in fugu-chef mode to extract the
> good stuff that sets your mind a tingling and chuck away the stuff that
> would leave you paralyzed and dying on the floor. I don't know how he
> does it, but I'm very glad that he can. It's no wonder that p6l felt
> like it was spinning its wheels for a while there while Larry was busy
> being ill. 
> Thanks to O'Reilly for continuing to publish the summaries on,
> and to Robert Spier and Ask for holding their archives on (and
> for all the other work they do for, including the various RT
> installations). The work they did in getting the perl6 lists onto
> made the task of working out appropriate URLs for
> messages far easier than in the bad old days.
> Thanks to everyone who ever sent me feedback; I've mentioned Warnock's
> dilemma many times in these summaries, it's always good to be gently
> lifted from its horns by a word or two of praise or damnation. While I'm
> about it, thanks to Bryan Warnock for first identifying his dilemma and
> for writing the original Perl 6 summaries that gave me the idea in the
> first place.
> Thanks to you all for reading, whether you sent me feedback or not.
> I'm not about to stop writing. I'm slowly working through chromatic's
> 'Write Your Life' project. It's far easier than summarizing; all the
> material I need is already in my head, and I can bash out words even
> when I don't have net access. I may not have stopped writing the
> summaries for good either; I just haven't got computrons to spare for
> writing them at the moment. But if any of you are thinking "I could do
> that!" then don't let me stop you -- there's an awful lot goes on on the
> lists, and there's a lot of interested people who don't have the time to
> keep up with them. A regular summary helps the interested but busy
> people get a grasp of how the Perl 6 project is getting on, and that can
> only be a good thing.
> Sorry things have rather fizzled out; I just didn't realise until I
> started quite how demanding this course would be. And I don't just mean
> because I've got to wear a suit. 
> -- 
> Piers Cawley -- Former Perl 6 Summarizer
> Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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