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RE: This week's summary 2 messages Simon Glover, Butler, Gerald 29 Jul 2004
This week's summary 10 messages Piers Cawley, Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon, Mark J. Reed, Kurt Starsinic 29 Jul 2004
xx and re-running 11 messages Michele Dondi, Luke Palmer, James Mastros, JOSEPH RYAN 26 Jul 2004
This week's summary 65 messages Larry Wall, Luke Palmer, Juerd, Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon 22 Jul 2004
Why do users need FileHandles? 48 messages Dave Whipp, David Storrs, Dan Hursh, JOSEPH RYAN 19 Jul 2004
:) 8 messages Austin Hastings, David Storrs, Adam D. Lopresto, Juerd 22 Jul 2004
push @bar, .splice; 3 messages Juerd, Dave Mitchell 17 Jul 2004
Cartesian products? [Especially wrt iterations] 7 messages Michele Dondi, Austin Hastings, Juerd, Luke Palmer 13 Jul 2004
regexp abbreviations matching 3 messages Luke Palmer, Hans Ginzel 13 Jul 2004
enhanced open-funktion 28 messages Juerd, Larry Wall, Michele Dondi, Jonadab the Unsightly One 15 Jul 2004
This week's summary 1 message The Perl 6 Summarizer 12 Jul 2004
[Fwd: Newsletter from O'Reilly UG Program, July 9]] 2 messages Leopold Toetsch, Thomas Sandlass 12 Jul 2004
Re: "=>" brother 6 messages Alexey Trofimenko, Matt Diephouse, Luke Palmer, Jonadab the Unsightly One 14 Jul 2004
Re: question regarding rules and bytes vs characters 5 messages Ph. Marek, Larry Wall, Austin Hastings 12 Jul 2004
scalar subscripting 22 messages Hans Ginzel, Larry Wall, Juerd, Luke Palmer 22 Jul 2004
Predeclaration of subs 2 messages Larry Wall, Luke Palmer 7 Jul 2004
Re: fast question 7 messages Luke Palmer, Larry Wall, David Storrs, Michele Dondi 6 Jul 2004
Time to change the (perl 6) guard! 13 messages Austin Hastings, Dan Sugalski, David Green, Robin Houston 6 Jul 2004
This week's summary 4 messages The Perl 6 Summarizer, Jonadab the Unsightly One, Dan Sugalski, Piers Cawley 8 Jul 2004
C<map> C<grep> and lazyness 7 messages Luke Palmer, Alexey Trofimenko, David Storrs, Jonadab the Unsightly One 4 Jul 2004
push with lazy lists 32 messages Jonadab the Unsightly One, JOSEPH RYAN, Ph. Marek, Larry Wall 20 Jul 2004
Re: if not C<,> then what? 43 messages Larry Wall, Alexey Trofimenko, Juerd, Jonadab the Unsightly One 9 Jul 2004
Re: This week's Summary 12 messages Larry Wall, Yuval Kogman, Herbert Snorrason, Luke Palmer 29 Jun 2004
Re: The .bytes/.codepoints/.graphemes methods 30 messages Jonadab the Unsightly One, Austin Hastings, Larry Wall, Dan Sugalski 12 Jul 2004
Re: undo()? 20 messages Jonadab the Unsightly One, Michele Dondi, Rod Adams, Luke Palmer 2 Jul 2004

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