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question regarding rules and bytes vs characters 5 messages Larry Wall, Ph. Marek, Austin Hastings 31 May 2004
FW: Periodic Table of the Operators 23 messages Gabriel Ebner, David Cantrell, Mark J. Reed, Rod Adams 30 May 2004
Predicting Operators 2 messages Mark Lentczner, Aaron Sherman 27 May 2004
Periodic Table of the Operators 12 messages Mark Lentczner, Luke Palmer, Uri Guttman, Gabriel Ebner 27 May 2004
This week's summary 1 message The Perl 6 Summarizer 26 May 2004
"hyper variables/references? 2 messages Chris, Larry Wall 23 May 2004
hyper-hyper operators? 3 messages Luke Palmer, Dave Whipp 20 May 2004
Simon Cozens has really painful hands 3 messages Simon Cozens, Austin Hastings, Unknown Sender 19 May 2004
idiom for filling a counting hash 17 messages Damian Conway, Juerd, Luke Palmer, Uri Guttman 18 May 2004
RFC eq and == 12 messages Luke Palmer, piotr, chromatic, Rod Adams 17 May 2004
Yadda yadda yadda some more 28 messages Austin Hastings, Aaron Sherman, Matthew Walton, Larry Wall 19 May 2004
$foo.s/foo/bar/ 6 messages Aaron Sherman, Luke Palmer, Juerd, Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon 13 May 2004
C style conditional statements 23 messages Larry Wall, Matthew Walton, Juerd, Luke Palmer 12 May 2004
This week's summary 1 message The Perl 6 Summarizer 11 May 2004
Completely OT question about a Larry quote 2 messages Simon Cozens 11 May 2004
is rw trait's effect on signature 13 messages chromatic, Dan Sugalski, Austin Hastings, Mark Sparshatt 6 May 2004
Named parameters vs. slurpy hash syntax: brittle call syntax! 7 messages Dov Wasserman, Aldo Calpini, Aaron Sherman, Brent 'Dax' Royal-Gordon 6 May 2004
Specifying class interfaces with AUTOMETH 4 messages Austin Hastings, Larry Wall 7 May 2004
This week's summary 1 message The Perl 6 Summarizer 5 May 2004
Required Named Params and "go write your own grammar" 4 messages Abhijit A. Mahabal, Juerd, Luke Palmer 4 May 2004
Re: A12: on inheriting wrappers 10 messages Abhijit A. Mahabal, Aldo Calpini, Larry Wall, =?iso-8859-1?Q?St=E9phane?= Payrard 4 May 2004
Re: A12: Required Named Parameters Strike Back! 28 messages John Siracusa, Dan Sugalski, Larry Wall, Jonathan Scott Duff 5 May 2004
Re: Returning from Rules 5 messages Luke Palmer, Larry Wall, Jeff Clites, Smylers 3 May 2004
United States-Perl6 keyboard for windows 2 messages Aaron Sherman, Austin Hastings 2 May 2004
Re: How do I do parametered roles? 10 messages Austin Hastings, Aaron Sherman, Luke Palmer 1 May 2004

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