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Exegesis 7: Miscellany

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February 28, 2004 06:19
Exegesis 7: Miscellany
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OK, I've given up on having completely separate mails and thrown
together a bunch of small points.  Some of these are pointing out typos;
I mention them not to complain, but in case anybody's bothered about
correcting them to avoid future confusion.

  * What happens if an undefined format is passed to C<form>?  I'm
    presuming (and hoping) that's a run-time error.

  * In 'What a block art though...' (page 2) I don't think there's
    supposed to be a citrus fruit in:

      That means that if we use a one-line field, it only shows as much
      of the data as will fit on one lime.

    (On the other hand, writing on limes is considerably less hassle
    than quoting words with guillemots.)

  * In 'A man may break a word with you, sir...' (page 7) the
    line-breaking algorithm description includes:

       ... it locates the _last_ whitespace or hyphen in the first W
       columns and breaks the string immediately after that space or

    The example demonstrates something cleverer than that, namely that
    if the character in column (W + 1) is whitespace then then a
    line-break is inserted in place of that character (otherwise the
    first line of the output would be "You" rather than "You can"); only
    if this isn't the case does the above apply.

  * 'In For the table, sir, it shall be served...' (page 8) the first
    example has C<\r> at the end of each name and play, making each
    piece of data be 2 lines.  The second, blank, line of each piece of
    data presumably should be rendered entirely as spaces, so that
    anything following it (admittedly nothing in this case) would still
    be lined up correctly.  However:

        » The line after "Othello" appears to be 2 spaces short.
        » There are 2 blank lines after "Richard III" instead of 1, and
          neither have any spaces after them.
        » There isn't a blank line after "Hamlet".

    Are those all mistakes?  Actually, the last one sounds useful --
    being able to put some kind of 'divider' between records but not
    after the last one; is there any way of doing this with C<form>?

  * In 'And now at length they overflow their banks.' (page 6) in the
    final recipe example, if there happens to be something with a long
    list of ingredients but a short method then will the final format
    output an unnecessary blank line?  If so, is there any way of
    supressing this?

  * In 'And mark what way I make' (page 3) this:

      And the commas are the ASCII symbol most like a single character
      ellipsis (try tilting your head and squinting).

    should be "colons" instead of "commas".

  * In 'Command our present numbers be muster'd...' (page 4) this
    reference to "accuracy":

      ... form tries to avoid displaying a number with more accuracy
      than it actually possesses ...

    should probably be "precision" instead (the degree of granularity to
    which a number is specified, rather than how 'truthful' the number


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