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RE: This week's summary

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Austin Hastings
January 5, 2004 15:13
RE: This week's summary
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From: Uri Guttman []
> >>>>> "AH" == Austin Hastings <> writes:
>   >> -----Original Message-----
>   >> From: Uri Guttman []
>   >>
>   >> but he if worked on that at the rate he is churning out apocalypses,
>   >> would be another 200 years. this is not a knock on larry but a
>   >> on how large and complex that eu constitution probably is.
>   AH> Au contraire. His job would not be to write, per se, but to
>   AH> Consider all the RFC's and then consider the synthesis he did to
>   AH> e.g., Grammars. Or the new block constructs (loop, etc.). Occam is
>   AH> Larry's still got a very sharp razor.
> but consider we made about 300 rfcs from a few dozen people. they must
> have way more than that in possible amendments, decisions, etc to
> consider. a sharp razor is great but it will dull soon enough whacking
> away at that madness.

Consider that the constitEUtion is about 250 pages long, and that the
Constitution is almost 10 pages if you add in the amendments and print REAL
big. Obviously, someone skipped over Vision, Scope, Requirements,
Architecture, and possibly even HLD, and went directly to detailed design. I
wonder if the eurobranch of the Perl Foundation would fund larry for a six
week "write us a constitution" project?

Do they even have I&R(*) over there?

>   >> i say we just sell them a license to use the US constitution. say a
>   >> royalty on EU coinage?
>   AH> When you consider some of the issues, it's sort of obvious that
>   AH> they're trying *real* hard not to say, "Look the Americans solved
>   AH> this problem already." Honestly, "voting weights?" What a pack of
>   AH> maroons.
> they wouldn't dare admit the US did something right in the political
> arena. hell, they have been around for hundreds of years before us and
> must know more about politics (especially the french! :).

Actually, recall please that the French Revolution and the surrounding
confusion was the only thing which enabled the American revolution to
succeed. (Contrast the first fifty years of the United States with the first
fifty years of Mexico.)

> what we did was throw out all their stuff and work from a fresh slate with
some very
> smart people at the top. sounds like the p6 pattern too. :)

Indeed, a fair amount of Renaissance thought wound up influencing the USC.
In the interval, there's been 200 years of thought on economic policy, human
rights, and ethical behavior. What's disappointing to me is that so little
of that has been reflected in the EUC.

> reminds me of the great line: in EU they consider a 100 miles a long
> distance, in the US we consider 100 years a long time. :)

That's very good. I'm going to recycle it. Do you know the author?

[In keeping with balance of trade: "India is like a snake, with its head in
the 20th century and its tail in the 17th century." Don't recall the


(*) I&R = Initiative & Referendum: A political mechanism where a small group
of citizens may (via Initiative) collect signatures or somehow cause a
question to be posed on a ballot. A Referendum is used to explicitly
override the capacity of the elective houses by passing a question directly
to the voters. California is probably the most egregious user of the I&R
mechanism: the recent ouster of the governor is one in a long line of
controversial actions.

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