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Perl 6's Exporter

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Brent Dax
December 21, 2001 23:21
Perl 6's Exporter
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I've been thinking about improvements that could be made to Exporter for
Perl 6.

	1. Choosing where to export to:
		use Data::Dumper 'Dumper' => 'dumpvar';
		#exports Data::Dumper::Dumper to Main::dumpvar (or whatever)
	2. Built-in switch handling:
		use Data::Dumper ('Dumper' : qw(+Indent=2 +Useqq));
		#imports Dumper, sets $Data::Dumper::Indent=2, and
		# does $Data::Dumper::Useqq is true
	3. Warnings about conflicts:
		use warnings 'Exporter';
		sub Dumper { ... }
		use Data::Dumper qw(Dumper);
		#prints out a warning (not just 'redefined subroutine', either).
	4. For modules, saying 'use Exporter' should be enough to get import.
	   If you don't want Exporter's import(), just C<use Exporter()>.
	5. In addition to @EXPORT/@EXPORT_OK/%EXPORT_TAGS, provide a way to do
	   it on the 'use Exporter' line.

So, with those requirements and what knowledge of Perl 6 I have, I
present a preliminary Exporter.  I typed it directly into the mailer, so
there's a good chance of mistakes.  If anyone spots any mistakes in it,
let me know.

module Exporter;

use strict;
use warnings;
use warnings::register;	#assuming this continues to exist...

sub myimport($exp_from : *@symbols=() : *@options=()) {
	my $exp_to=caller.package;	#is this how caller is used?

	pkg_alias($exp_from, "Exporter::From");
	pkg_alias($exp_to, "Exporter::To");

	@symbols //= @Exporter::From::EXPORT;

	#expand tags to their values
	@symbols=map {
		/^:/ ??
			@{%Exporter::From::EXPORT_TAGS}{$_}} ::
	} @symbols;

	for(@symbols) {
		#handle version numbers
		if(/^[\d.]+$/) {

		#handle renamed exports
		my($to, $from)=$_.ref eq 'PAIR' ? ($_.left, $_.right) : ($_, $_);

		for($to, $from) {
			#make sure it has some sort of sigil
			$_='&' _ $_ unless m'^[$@%&]';

		warnings::warnif("$from exported from $exp_from conflicts with
existing $to at $(caller.file) line $(caller.line).\n")
			if defined %Exporter::To::{$to};

		die("$exp_from doesn't export $from at $(caller.file) line
			unless grep {/^$from$/} @Exporter::From::EXPORT,


	for(@options) {
		my($sign, $name, $value)=/[+-]([[\w]&&[^\d]]\w+)(?:=(.*))?/s;
		my $targ := ${$Exporter::From::{$name}};

		given($sign) {
			when('+'): {
				if(defined $value) {
				else {
					$targ is true;

			when('-') {
				if($targ.props{true}) {
					$targ is false;
				else {
					undef $targ;

sub import($pkg : ARRAY $export=undef, ARRAY $ok=undef, HASH
$tags=undef) {
	my $from_pkg=caller.package;

	pkg_alias($from_pkg, "Exporter::From");

	&Exporter::From::import := &myimport;

	#another way to decide what to export:
	#use Exporter(
	#	export	=> [qw(foo bar)],
	#	ok		=> [qw(baz quux],
	#	tags		=> { :argc => ['argv'] }

	if(defined $export) {

	if(defined $ok) {

	if(defined $tags) {

sub pkg_alias($original, $new) {
	#Any sufficiently encapsulated hack...
	no strict 'refs';

	%{"${original}::"} := %{"${new}::"};	#XXX will this actually work?

=head1 NAME

Exporter - Implements default import method for modules



	module MyModule;

	use Exporter(
		export => [qw(foo @bar)],
		ok => [qw($baz quux)],
		tags => { :argc => ['@argv %argv']}

In other files:

	use MyModule;		#imports everything in export

	use MyModule 'quux';	#imports only &quux

	use MyModule ':argc'	#imports @argv and %argv

	use MyModule();		#imports nothing at all


TODO: Fill this in.

=head1 BUGS

Who knows--this code is for a language that hasn't been fully defined
and which doesn't yet have an implementation.

=head1 AUTHOR

The Perl 6 core developers.  (Preliminary version by Brent Dax.)


--Brent Dax
Configure pumpking for Perl 6

"Nothing important happened today."
    --George III of England's diary entry for 4-Jul-1776

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