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Re: Auto-install (was autoloaded...)

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February 12, 2001 11:14
Re: Auto-install (was autoloaded...)
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On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 04:50:53PM -0300, Branden wrote:
> >     2. "My end-users might not have Perl installed"  Bundling a Perl
> >        interpretor with your program (until perlcc is viable)
> >
> No. I don't expect Perl installation or any other otherwise executable or
> installation program to be bundled inside of archives. Correct if I'm wrong,
> but archives are meant for Perl scripts and Perl modules.

"Ment for"?  POD was also "ment for" documentation, but it doesn't
stop me from using it to embed test code.  Besides, the idea has only
been kicking around for what, a week now?  Nothing is nailed down.

Seems like a logical extension of the idea and the technology.  Once
you have something working that can bundle all the components of a
Perl program together, its just one more step to wrap an interpretor
on top of that.

Its a simple fact that lots of people are afraid to distribute Perl
programs because their customers/users don't have Perl installed and
aren't about to download 3.5 megs to run one program.  perl2exe has a
market.  I don't want to get into a big discussion about this because
its all been said before.  Once par's basic functionality works we'll
give a shot at a self-extracting par.

> No. One objectives of `par' is ``g) The archive file should be stored in a
> format that can be easily created and inspected with widely available
> external tools.'' (from alpha PDD).

pun will be able to do that.  par's version of "source hiding" will be
roughly akin to uuencoding your source.  Its not going to stop anyone
with half a brain, but it will please the suits.

> because even with perl2cc, bytecode and par all together, you won't be able
> to compile this all into an executable with scripts and all static libraries
> directly...

perlcc already tries to do just that.

> If someone cares to create this list? It should probably be
>, because I believe the main focus is on shipping it with
> Perl 6, althought I think we'll probably have a preliminary version on Perl
> 5.

There's nothing about par particularly related to perl6, except that
it would be nice if it was distributed with it.  Some of the potential
features in Perl 6 would be useful to par, but then they'll be useful
to just about every Perl program.

In the end, its just a name.

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