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Re: GMC release

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Will Coleda
September 1, 2005 06:58
Re: GMC release
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After svn up, realclean, configure; make:

~/research/gmc wcoleda$ make parrot
Invoking Parrot to generate runtime/parrot/include/config.fpmc -- 
cross your fingers
./miniparrot config_lib.pasm > runtime/parrot/include/config.fpmc
make: *** [runtime/parrot/include/config.fpmc] Error 138

Running through gdb, I get the following backtrace:

Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS, Could not access memory.
Reason: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at address: 0x00000004
0x00049ff4 in gc_gmc_copy_gen (from=0xd06a10, dest=0xd139e0) at src/ 
879             PMC_body(Gmc_PMC_hdr_get_PMC(ptr)) =  
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00049ff4 in gc_gmc_copy_gen (from=0xd06a10, dest=0xd139e0) at  
#1  0x0004a1b0 in gc_gmc_more_bodies (interpreter=0xd00180,  
pool=0xd056a0) at src/gc_gmc.c:933
#2  0x00049898 in gc_gmc_new_body (interpreter=0xd00180,  
pool=0xd056a0, size=40, aggreg=4) at src/gc_gmc.c:705
#3  0x00049a00 in gc_gmc_get_free_object_of_size  
(interpreter=0xd00180, pool=0xd056a0, size=40, aggreg=4) at src/ 
#4  0x00049c3c in gc_gmc_get_free_typed_object (interpreter=0xd00180,  
pool=0xd056a0, base_type=62) at src/gc_gmc.c:796
#5  0x000a3b18 in new_pmc_alloc_header (interpreter=0xd00180,  
flags=132096, is_typed=1, base_type=62) at src/headers.c:270
#6  0x000a3d14 in new_pmc_typed_header (interpreter=0xd00180,  
flags=132096, base_type=62) at src/headers.c:343
#7  0x000307d8 in get_new_pmc_header (interpreter=0xd00180,  
base_type=62, flags=132096) at src/pmc.c:231
#8  0x0003090c in constant_pmc_new (interpreter=0xd00180,  
base_type=62) at src/pmc.c:310
#9  0x000b2514 in mmd_create_builtin_multi_meth_2  
(interpreter=0xd00180, func_nr=5, type=33, right=-100,  
func_ptr=0x22dea0 <Parrot_Complex_i_multiply_int>) at src/mmd.c:2116
#10 0x000b26a0 in mmd_create_builtin_multi_meth  
(interpreter=0xd00180, type=33, entry=0x2c6f40) at src/mmd.c:2138
#11 0x000b27ec in Parrot_mmd_register_table (interpreter=0xd00180,  
type=33, mmd_table=0x2c6de0, n=35) at src/mmd.c:2182
#12 0x0022f220 in Parrot_Complex_class_init (interp=0xd00180,  
entry=33, pass=1) at classes/complex.c:1389
#13 0x0020c4a4 in Parrot_initialize_core_pmcs (interp=0xd00180) at  
#14 0x000a2b24 in init_world (interpreter=0xd00180) at src/ 
#15 0x0001505c in Parrot_init (interpreter=0xd00180) at src/embed.c:84
#16 0x00014870 in make_interpreter (parent=0x0,  
flags=PARROT_NO_FLAGS) at src/inter_create.c:165
#17 0x00015004 in Parrot_new (parent=0x0) at src/embed.c:47
#18 0x00003a54 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffff9bc) at imcc/main.c:452


On Aug 31, 2005, at 8:28 PM, Nattfodd wrote:

> Will Coleda wrote:
>> On Aug 31, 2005, at 7:03 PM, Nattfodd wrote:
>>> If people are willing to test real programs with it, it would   
>>> really be nice !
>> Thought I'd give languages/tcl a whirl, but after a fresh checkout  
>> of  the GMC branch:
>> % perl; make
>> <SNIP>
>> perl build_tools/ ppc src/jit_cpu.c
>> jit2h: 121 (+ 143 vtable) of 1390 ops are JITed.
>> src/jit_cpu.c
>> src/jit_debug.c
>> src/jit_debug.c: In function 'write_types':
>> src/jit_debug.c:159: error: parse error before '->' token
>> src/jit_debug.c:160: error: parse error before '->' token
>> make: *** [src/jit_debug.o] Error 1
> Hi,
> it builds fine here (x86)... I guess this makes sense, as jit is  
> arch-dependant. However, I fear I won't be able to fix it (I  
> understand next to nothing to jit). For now, I replaced those two  
> entries by -1. As it is only debug, it shouldn't be very important  
> and should be hopefully fixed soon by a jit(i) master (hahaha, hum,  
> it's getting late).
> Please try to svn up...
> Regards,
> Alexandre

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