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Anyone here with Sourceforge experience? 2 messages Sam Tregar, Nathan Torkington 25 Aug 2001
Something to hash out 19 messages Dan Sugalski, Simon Cozens, merlyn, Brent Dax 29 Aug 2001
Final, no really, Final draft: Conventions and Guidelines for Perl Source Code 15 messages Sam Tregar, Simon Cozens, Robert Spier, Dave Mitchell 23 Aug 2001
PDD for the debugger API 6 messages Uri Guttman, Dan Sugalski, Dave Storrs, Ken Fox 26 Aug 2001
musings: write some perl ops in perl 3 messages Dan Sugalski, Uri Guttman, Tim Bunce 25 Aug 2001
Perl 6, Parrot and Recent Developments 1 message Simon Cozens 14 Aug 2001
PDD location? 3 messages David M. Lloyd, Dan Sugalski 10 Aug 2001
[Python-Dev] Intel's Open Runtime Platform (ORP) (fwd) 1 message Ask Bjoern Hansen 7 Aug 2001
Draft assembly PDD 20 messages Dan Sugalski, Hong Zhang, Uri Guttman, Sam Tregar 7 Aug 2001
Final draft: Conventions and Guidelines for Perl Source Code 12 messages Dave Mitchell, Nicholas Clark, Espen Harlinn, H . Merijn Brand 15 Aug 2001
given when 1 message Bryan C . Warnock 5 Aug 2001
Re: Opcode Dispatch 38 messages Dan Sugalski, Bryan C . Warnock, Uri Guttman, Stephane Payrard 10 Aug 2001
sub --> macro optimization 7 messages David L. Nicol, Michael G Schwern, Dan Sugalski, Arthur Bergman 8 Aug 2001
Modules, Versioning, and Beyond 12 messages Dan Sugalski, Bart Lateur, Dave Mitchell, Perl6 RFC Librarian 31 Jul 2001

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