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Thought for the day 14 messages Simon Cozens, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Ken Fox, Matthew Cline 31 Jan 2001
Change the subject (was Re: JWZ on s/Java/Perl/) 1 message Bryan C. Warnock 30 Jan 2001
Vtables: what do we know so far? 8 messages Edwin Steiner, Dan Sugalski, Matthew Cline, Branden 31 Jan 2001
Re: Autovivification behavior 2 messages David L. Nicol, Deven T. Corzine 21 Jan 2001
Re: Does perl really need to use sigsetjmp? (18% performance hit) 19 messages Dan Sugalski, Alan Burlison, Millsa Erlas, Uri Guttman
interesting read: why the EROS project has switched from C++ to C 3 messages David L. Nicol, Simon Cozens 16 Jan 2001
vtbl-based SVs and sv_setsv() 4 messages Dan Sugalski, David Mitchell, Benjamin Stuhl 16 Jan 2001
We should have some YAPC talks on Perl 6 6 messages Nathan Torkington, Dan Sugalski, Kirrily Skud Robert, John van V 13 Jan 2001
AIO and threads - my prejudices 3 messages Nicholas Clark, Branden, Alan Burlison 20 Jan 2001
Modular subsystem design (was Re: Speaking of signals...) 2 messages Filipe Brandenburger, Nick Ing-Simmons 11 Jan 2001
callbacks, aio, threads and events (and a working C prototype) 1 message Rocco Caputo 8 Jan 2001
Events and threads 2 messages Dan Sugalski, Rocco Caputo 6 Jan 2001
Exposing regexp engine & compiled regexp's 1 message Filipe Brandenburger 6 Jan 2001
Re: licensing issues 10 messages Jarkko Hietaniemi, John van V, Chris Nandor, David Grove 8 Jan 2001
Vtable methods 2 messages Dan Sugalski, Simon Cozens 4 Jan 2001
Speaking of signals... 59 messages Uri Guttman, nick, Dan Sugalski, Nick Ing-Simmons 15 Jan 2001
Anyone want to take a shot at the PerlIO PDD? 16 messages Dan Sugalski, Uri Guttman, nick, Nicholas Clark 5 Jan 2001
This is PDD #1--a high-level overview of the perl system 6 messages Dan Sugalski, Simon Cozens, Uri Guttman, Nathan Wiger 4 Jan 2001
Re: standard representations 89 messages Dan Sugalski, Uri Guttman, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Nick Ing-Simmons 8 Jan 2001

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