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Stevan Little
March 21, 2005 09:19
Pugs Bugs TODOs
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I un-TODO-ed the tests, and built you a TODO list of what I saw as 
outstanding issues. I did my best to differentiate between bugs in the 
implementation and un-implemented features.

Enjoy ;)

- Stevan


- die.t

The stringified version of $! is printing Haskell type information.

- grep.t

The "grep {} @list" form does not work correctly.

- map.t

The "map {} @list" form does not work correctly.

- sort.t

This form "@a.sort:{ $^a <=> $^b }" seems to sort alphabetically and 
leaves a <SubBlock<anon>> on the end of the return list.

This form "@a.sort:{ $^a cmp $^b }" seems to sort correctly, but leaves 
a <SubBlock<anon>> at the begining of the return list.

This form "sort { $^a <=> $^b } @a" does not do anything.

- undef.t

There are some tests within the block starting at line 121 which test 
for dangling references.

There are a number of other TODO tests in this file, but most are valid 


- join.t

The form "@list.join(', ')" does not work correctly.

- reverse.t

The test group on line 36 illustrates a possible problem with this code:

     my $b = @a.reverse;

Should $b become an Array reference? Or will it be a string? Especially 
when @a only has a single element. This may be just a simple issue with 
the return context of reverse().

- zip.t

I did not un-TODO these tests, but there are some odd ones in here you 
might want to look at.


- array.t

The following things are broken in this test.

Auto-flattening lists like this:

     my @array3 = (@array1, @array2);

Slices with arrays like this:

     my @array6 = @array1[@slice];

Arrays with trailing commas:

     @array10 = (1, 2, 3,)

- array_ref.t

Lists with trailing commas again:

     $array_ref8 = [ 1, 2, 3, ]

- hash.t & hash_ref.t

lvalue has assignment with unquoted keys:

     %hash1<three> = 3;
     $hash_ref1<three> = 3;

slice assignment (see line 65 in both)


- inc.t

both hash and array auto-incrementing does not work


- precedence.t

I did not un-TODO these, but there are some at the bottom of the file 
you might like to look at.


- for.t

The "for @list, sub { ... }" form does not work

- given.t

I did not un_TODO these, but there are some edge cases in here you 
might want to look at.

- if.t

if with no parens and closure as cond param fails.

- loop.t

Declaring a 'my' variable in the loop  does not work

     loop (my $j = 0; $j < 10; $j++) { $count++; } # parse fail

- try.t

This has the same error as die.t in that the $! value is a Haskell type 
and not perl


- sub_named_params.t

Take a look here, but I am not un-TODOing since I dont know how far 
along this has been developed.

- sub_return_values.t

There is a problem with sub return values see this mail for more 
details: Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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