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Pugs 6.0.11 Released!

Autrijus Tang
March 13, 2005 12:44
Pugs 6.0.11 Released!
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I am delighted to announce that Pugs 6.0.11 is now released.
Download it from a CPAN near you, or from my home server:
    SHA1 = 9abe4158791a5bc4ef3a23c31376c2bd5942c6f3

Special thanks to Yuval "nothingmuch" Kogman for his tireless
QA effort that prompted many bug fixes in this release.  Also,
much thanks to the wonderful #perl6, p6c and p6l folks, as well
as our 30 Pugs committers, for making this release happen.


[Changes for 6.0.11 - March 14, 2005]

Pugs Internals:

* Ported to GHC 6.4 final.
* Source code is now always treated as UTF-8.
* Unicode variable names and subroutines now works, if GHC
  is compiled with unicode support.
* We no longer look for Perl6::lib::* namespace in Perl 5;
  Pugs now has its own library path independent from Perl 5.
* New primitives: scalar(), list(), reverse(). 
* Infix Y (and its UTF8 form).
* $! is now set after an eval call.
* Stub implementation for ~~ and !~ operators.
* "make optimized" and "make profiled" targets.
* Assignment to array slices.
* Assignment now copies variables in RHS, instead of aliasing them.
* Declaration of multiple variables with my().
* try {...} works.
* Hash stringification.
* Lone block without trailing semicolon is parsed correctly.
* time() now counts seconds from 2000-01-01 00:00:00.
* Assignment operators like .=, //= and ||= etc.
* Postfix conditionals now works inside expressions.
* --help and -c command line options.
* Experimental support for "pugscc", which compiles Perl 6 code
  into stand-alone executables.

Tests, Examples and Documentations:

* Much more extensive TODO tests; we have 1477 now.
* Sample Perl 6 modules under modules/, including Sample-Module and
  Locale-KeyedText (ported from Perl 5 on CPAN).
* Kwid version of PA01; updated Chinese translations.
* One can now build Pugs with Perl 5.6.
* examples/sendmoremoney.p6 now really works.
* A new, much prettier banner ASCII art.
* New junction examples in examples/junctions/.
* New golf-based examples in examples/golf/.
* Include IRC nicks and UTF8 names in AUTHORS.
* Some releng and utility scripts under util/.

Bug Fixes:

* In pointy subs, -> () {...} and -> {...} are now distinguished.
* require() now reports errors correctly.
* Magical $a++ when $a is a string should not return a numified form.
* int() now properly truncates, instead of rounds, the operand.
* Array and hash variables inside qq strings now won't interpolate without
  explicit brackets, as specced in S02.
* my $a == $b no longer parses are my $a = =$b.
* Nested ?? :: now parses correctly, even inside brackets.
* Postfix ... works again.
* [...] is now evaluated in list context.
* Duplicate occurence of implicit params like $_ and $^x now works correctly.
* =<> now reads the first file in @*ARGS if there is a @*ARGS; it is a TODO
  to make it read all files in @*ARGS.
* List associativity now works again.
* $?CALLER:: variables in subroutine parameters and defaults are
  now both evaluated in the caller's scope. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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