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Pugs 6.0.10 released.

Autrijus Tang
March 4, 2005 19:38
Pugs 6.0.10 released.
Message ID:
Pugs 6.0.10 should be available on a CPAN near you soon; you may
also download it from:

Again, much kudos on the #perl6 / p6c team for making it happen. :)


[Changes for 6.0.10 - March 5, 2005]

Pugs Internals:

* Massive -Wall cleanup.
* Some work on Pugs extension mechanisms (XS for Pugs).
* Complete reworking of the build system.
* Support for basic read, write, append I/O.
* Added system(), chmod(), chop() and chomp().
* Pretting printing now works.
* Added the beginings of a Config module.
* Ported to GHC 6.4 pre-release.
* More works on junctions.

Tests, Examples and Documentations:

* Test, tests and more tests, we now have over 1050.
* Added several tests for unimplemented features.
* Added tail recursive nested worker multisubs into fp.p6
* Hanoi.p6 has been added
* Several new junctions examples.
* Switched most documentations to the Kwid format.
* zh-cn and zh-tw translations of the Apocryphon.
* Haskell source documentation begun.
* Kwid documentation for

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed double-evaluation bug in say($a++).
* Fixed "@a" interpolation bug.
* Postfix -- now returns the value instead of numified value
* Bare blocks now work properly in void context {}    
* Fixed grep/map/push/unshift parsing so they are properly binOp now
* Fixed prefix function parsing bug that eats more parens than it should Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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