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PerlGameDev Annonces, Aftermath YAPC::NA

Kartik Thakore
July 1, 2011 08:31
PerlGameDev Annonces, Aftermath YAPC::NA
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Hello folks, 

YAPC::NA 2011 was a blast and I wish more of the PerlGameDev folks were
there. Now I hope to think I am a get things done guy. But really I
couldn't have done any of the stuff without any of you guys (FROGGS,
garu, jtpalmer, kmx and many others!). I have posted my talk and notes
at  .

Apologies to Module Authors and Perl6 for invading your mailing lists
but I am hoping some of these projects are interesting to others who
want to help with PerlGameDev and the below projects. 

Before running of to India tomorrow I am just going through my
recollections of 'promises'. Also this way I don't forget the stuff I
discussed, or if I do forget ppl will remember :p. 

=head1 PerlGameDev Monthly Aims and Releases 
=blame chromatic 
=for kthakore, FROGGS, garu, jtpalmer

chromatic has opened my eyes on having a monthly goal that we aim for.
In SDL perl5 we have had a progressive chaos. But I think having a
progressive chaos that aims to get something done each month (even a few
docs) might be a great idea cause we are all busy, and I would hate to
lose what we have a year. These will go up on this mailing-list and
maybe the wiki (we haven't used both as regularly as we should). Because
I consider all of PerlGameDev a single project, I will just be adding
them together in an announce end of each month. And you are reading
it :D. You might have notice I have actually gotten off my lazy ass and
did a good job with this announce. I will be using POD format but
subsequent need not be. I have also add 'blame and for' tags so people
can understand where ideas are coming from (=blame) and who should maybe
perhaps (please oh please) glance at it (=for). So this way ppl can
search for their tags/names and ignore the other stuff should they

=head1 Progressions for July

I am gone for most of July so I can't expect anyone to listen to me, and
start this so I have already done the first release for July :P. 

=head2 Announcing Perl6/SDL stuff [RELEASED!] 
=blame Util 
=for kthakore

RELEASE: (ctrl-f SDL) 

Util convinced me on the value of having a simple drawing module for
Perl6 a lot. So I have decided to add SDL6 'officially' to PerlGameDev.
Hopefully in a year or show we can have something interesting. Perl6 is
a lot easier to bind C libraries at this point, so that is refreshing. 

Additionally a discussion with chromatic reminded me that SDL 1.3 is
probably the best hope we have for Perl6/SDL (it is a lot cleaner ).

Any way I started up the a Perl6 module that does NCI via the (It uses SDL 1.2 for now) 

It has a test, and NativeCall is finding SDL that is installed. It is in
the panda ( the perl6 CPAN I guess ). dukeleto mentioned he took a
glance at parrotSDL. I am hoping to focus on SDL6 with SDL 1.3 once I
have an Alien::SDL ( getter and installer ) for it. This will prolly
take kick up storm in August I think. 

=head1 Continuing Projects 
=blame kthakore, chromatic
=for kthakore, chromatic, garu 

=head2 SDL_Manual Book Indexing and Chapter Intentions and Exercises 

I am hoping to read over Modern Perl source today, and do some of the
indexing I talked about. The chapter intentions should be done end of
July. That leaves the exercises which I can't really promise cause I am
bad at making those (garu would you be interested in this ?). 

=head1 Progressions for August 2011 

=head2 Distribution Network/Server/Client for Perl Games
=blame hercynium, Jesse 
=for kthakore, KMX, FROGGS, Alias 

I have had an idea of preparing an 'official' way for Perl Game
Developers to publish games, while allowing end game users to download
and running games. Discussions with hercynium and Jesse Vincent, have
opened my eyes towards technologies such as MetaCPAN, Shipwright/Carton,
and a wxWidgets front end. This idea needs some feedback so feel free to
hammer me. But code will start in Mid/End August. I am hoping to have
'test' this idea on Frozen Bubble, Zumbis, Zombie_Puzzle (a Box2d/SDL
game) and Construder. Which brings me to OpenGL.

=head2 OpenGL 3.0 
=blame kthakore, chromatic
=for kthakore, Chris, jtpalmer 

This comes from the following observations ( feel free to scold/correct
me ).


=item Convergence to OpenGL

SDL 1.3 is moving over to OpenGL. Having the ability to do neat things
with OpenGL this will help to add more performance, speed and
flexibility to the module. 

=item POGL still uses FreeGLUT

POGL albeit great is getting ... old. FreeGLUT is slowing down ( SDL
replaces this fine and we have tests to prove it see construder. It is
an extra dep. 

=item OpenGL 3.3 is a fixed target

New OpenGL is all the way up to 4.x now. OpenGL 3.3 has been around for
a while and is not going to be using. 


Based on this I think we should attempt to help the POGL dev with
whatever he needs. I will move it to github at some point. Additionally
chip during my talk you mentioned some technology for doing OpenGL
context/display lists better. Can you mention it again chip? I seem to
have forgotten it. 

The hope will be to make a declarative for OpenGL constructs that can be
sent straight to the hardware. Adam Kennedy has some work start in this
area (OpenGL::List).  

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