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Preview reviews / comments on feature-class branch

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Paul "LeoNerd" Evans
September 27, 2022 17:12
Preview reviews / comments on feature-class branch
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TL;DR - please help review this large work ahead of PR-time, to avoid
  surprises later on and make the process run smoother
  (or explicitly opt-out)

Hi all,

Aside from needing some more waffly-english-wording in the
documentation, the Stage 1 work for feature-class is basically done. We
now have a branch with a simple implementation of standalone classes
and lexical-like fields. Still missing and yet to be done are

  Stage 2 - :isa attribute and subclassing
  Stage 3 - :does attribute and roles
  Stage 4 - :reader, :writer etc.. conveniences on fields
  Stage 5 - field initialisation blocks
  Stage 6 - metaprogramming / introspection API

These remaining stages aren't really in a dependency order - while it
would be good to get subclassing before roles, the rest of the thoughts
are fairly independent. I would like to get at least one or two more of
them done before we think about presenting this in a "formal" PR for
actual review with a view to merging into blead. I'm hoping that by
Christmas (of 2022 ;) ) there will be something noteworthy here, so
that we can enter 2023 with the beginnings of this real object system
in blead, giving us enough time to shake out many of the initial bugs
and issues so it can make its first public outing in 5.38 in May 2023.

Since this set of changes is many times larger than any of the usual
sorts of feature work that tends to go on around core perl, I think it
would be useful to extend the usual review process. I would like to get
some early feedback from the sorts of folks who are likely to review it
officially when the time comes, way ahead of that time, so as to keep
people informed and that there be no huge surprises when the real
review happens.

I have emailed you folks specifically as I feel that you are all the
sort of people who are likely to express opinions on the code and the
features contained therein at the time of the real PR, but may not be
aware of the existing work or its current state. I would like to ask
for some initial amount of looking-over and commentary and discussion
ahead of that if possible, so as to try to avoid getting stuck in
arguments later on. What I don't want to happen is to spend the next
three months building on top of this and getting lots of feature work
in time for a real review in December, only for everyone to go "no no no
this isn't right at all" when we get there.

(Other folks than these are also of course welcome to comment - I just
singled out this list in particular because I imagined these people are
likely fit the category.)

I don't know what's a good mechanism for this. Currently the work is
sitting on a branch in my own repo fork of Perl5:

and so for example github will attempt to generate a set of diffs by

Probably a fairly good place to start looking at what is involved, is
to look over the unit tests - which all exist in their own
subdirectory, `t/class/...`.

There are also various "Discussion" threads about design or
implementation details and quirks:

I don't think that simply creating a (draft) PR at this stage would be
helpful. This is branch is still a good couple of months away yet from
being merge-candidate-ready, and will likely entail many many more
commits, rebases and force-pushes before then. I don't think github's
mechanisms will cope very well with that because of the volume of
commentary over time that it may involve.

I'm open to suggestions on what may be a good way to handle this design
and implementation feedback, ahead of the review. I'm also open to
being told "I have no opinions here" from individuals - though it would
be an unfortunate outcome of the process to be told that at this stage,
only to then receive objections later on at review time. If you have
thoughts about the current direction, now is a far better time than
December to air them ;)

Paul "LeoNerd" Evans      |  |

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