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Finding nonoptional dependencies.

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October 30, 2021 08:44
Finding nonoptional dependencies.
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HI folks,

I was wondering if anyone else has any experience with mass scanning for
non-optional dependencies. That is using some non-perl compilation
technique to extract all the requires/uses and functions that wrap them
(notably with() from Moose) from a file.

So far I am using PPI as it seems to be the fastest and most robust
strategy. I tried PPR, but it goes insane when it encounters certain
constructs which unfortunately we find in our code, like modules which
initialize a hash with 50k static entries, or modules that use new syntax
->%* or function parameters or whatnot. PPI is much much faster for these
modules in my testing.

My definition of non-optional dependencies is any use/require/with which
would execute as a top level statement in the package, and BEGIN or use
statements anywhere in the file. (eg, pretty much what would be required by
doing a simple perl -MModule -e1)

An additional complication is extracting the dependency part without
evaluating things like data structures or anonymous subroutines in with()
declarations, i also need to deal with things like use parent, and to
ignore use if clauses, etc.

Essentially I want to statically analyze a piece of code for the main way
people declare dependencies. I  dont need to deal with things like an
arbitrary sub that sets up dependencies, I dont need a solution to the
halting problem. It just needs to be good enough, eg I dont need to handle
this type of pattern:


In a longer run IMO Mooses with() statement introduces an interesting
issue. We all know that:

require Foo;

will require something, but there is no formal way to attribute a function
so that a programmer can declare "treat this like a require". So if a new
OO framework offers it own new syntactic sugar to declare dependencies then
it has to be "discovered" and added to some parsers list or whatnot. It
might be nice to have a way for folks to declare which subs are require
wrappers. Maybe its too niche a problem, but it would sure be helpful.

Anyway, I realize this is an unusual problem. I need to scan a very large
codebase in the range of 40k-200k files for dependencies declarations.  If
anybody has experience with doing this at high speed and high reliability
id be very interested.

What  i would love is way to use perl itself to do this. Eg, maybe doing
perl --dump-deps $

would output a list of module names or something. But I have a feeling that
aint likely to happen.

Any thoughts or advice welcome.


perl -Mre=debug -e "/just|another|perl|hacker/"

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