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Re: Pre-RFC: Configure option for whether to include taint support

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Steffen Schwigon
September 9, 2021 13:30
Re: Pre-RFC: Configure option for whether to include taint support
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Neil Bowers <> writes:
> The key driver for adding a Configure option to control taint support is that we think this brings a performance improvement, but we’re not sure exactly what that improvement will be.
> To that end, we asked Steffen Schwigon if he’d be interested in helping out, by benchmarking perl with and without taint support, to give us a better feeling on the improvement. Steffen has run various
> benchmarks on perl over the years, to see whether new releases perform against older ones.
> Steffen will outline his plans, giving people a chance to ask questions and suggest things. Please be realistic on your suggestions  ;-)

I hate to promise things in advance but anyway. :-) The plan is to
simply do what I did in the past, without inventing new stuff. If you
want to get a code snippet benchmarked, see "Contributions" below.

Here is the plan:


Benchmarking taintmode (-DNO_TAINT_SUPPORT)

I will try to benchmark the impact of the compilation option
-DNO_TAINT_SUPPORT to perl's performance.

For that I will use my Perl::Formance framework, which takes care of
generating reliable numbers with meta information. Past results and
presentations can be found here:


The latest short summary is from PerlCon 2019:



The focus of the Perl::Formance project is on real world Perl with
CPAN dependencies. However, there are also some micro benchmarks

In contrast to earlier years where I measured Perl versions over time,
for the taintmode exercise I will only build one blead version from git
with two configurations: with and without taintmode.

To ensure dependency stability I use a static local CPAN mirror, maybe
tweaked with distroprefs. It gets a latest sync and then no updates


I will do it on an Intel i7-10610U from 2020 (4 core, 8 threads, maybe
with threading switched off). When I have time I can maybe do the same
on an AMD Phenom II X6 from 2009, and an older i7 from 2012.


I will run as many as possible plugins from the Perl::Formance suite,
starting with the easiest (PerlStone2015), later trying the harder
ones, like SpamAssassin. Each benchmark runs multiple iterations.



I should provide simple "charts", probably looking a bit silly, with
just two data points per benchmark representing an average, plus raw
values about the standard deviation and confidence intervall (ci_95
lower+upper value), like here:


(Remember, it will look more silly with only 2 data points for the two
variants of one common perl version.)

If I can draw a single-sentence conclusion, I will do.

Bonus results:

Only when I'm feeling lucky I might generate different charts types from
the raw data to better present the result distribution (histogram,
whisker plot, you name it), but I can not promise that.


 1) Having no taintmode might fail some test suites of CPAN
    dependencies. I will have to skip the tests, interfere, or
    "force". Broken or missing deps can theoretically lead to different
    code paths behind the scenes.

 2) I haven't done any Perl after v5.30 yet with latest CPAN
    lately. Everything can go wrong.


If you want to contribute code snippets to get benchmarked, then
copy/paste/extend a module for the PerlStone2015 plugin and send a pull


Have a look at for an easy start.


I have a block of spare time available in the week from 2021-09-13.


Kind regards,
Steffen Schwigon ("renormalist")
Steffen Schwigon <>
Dresden Perl Mongers

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